In order to make the facade design look more beautiful, when we design, we usually decorate with glass, so that the facade looks more beautiful, but also let customers see the internal layout. So,


Which glass is used for the facade decoration window?

Let’s take a look!

When designing in the facade, many operators like to use glass to make the main decoration material of the window, or use the glass partition to divide spatial segmentation. The glass partition is the most common material in modern building decoration, and the material is diverse and fashionable, which is much better than the solid wall. So from a professional point of view, the window mount glass can enhance the overall image of the facade.

Because the glass has the advantages of the glass to meet the needs of each indoor space distribution, it can also improve space permeability. But now there are too many types of finished products in the building materials market, which is dazzling, what is the better?

1, each glass has different performance. Most of them can strengthen heat, sound insulation, anti-infrared, anti-UV, explosion-proof and other roles. Such as flat glass, frosted glass, embossing glass, bulletproof glass, etc. These glasses are often used in gentle spring glass doors, partition, exterior walls, etc.

2, the door window with glass decoration suggests to choose the tempered glass with soundproof functions, because the store is more than just a product display space, but also create a quiet and safe shopping environment for customers, so the sound insulation is very important.


3. The use of tempered glass and aluminum magnesium alloy profiles can be used to create a good line of beautiful, simple atmosphere, and a passionate environment. Since the light transmittance of the glass is very good, the overall effect is permeable after installation, and it is possible to ensure the required operator.


4, the space and the like, the commonly used glass materials also have organic glass, which has the advantage of “three high”, high strength, high transparency, strong plasticity, convenient installation, cost is much lower than tempered glass.

In short, there are many advantages to decorating the decorative window, not only breaking the traditional solid wall decoration, but also has the impression of a slanting. At the same time, it is more beautiful to beautify space, which can shape laminated, transparent, and humanized environments.

I saw the above-mentioned decoration to decorate the glass window with glass window, you know which kind of glass should choose to decorate your window?

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