During your daily fitness activities, you will choose a running shoe that will make your feet comfortable and have excellent bouncing power. Run at high speed for several kilometers or walk briskly without trouble or pain in your feet. How to choose a good pair of high-quality shoes, you should achieve a perfect balance in all aspects of the above.

Receiving supercritical carbon plate shoes from Xiaomi’s daily elements brought me a very good feeling in the process of daily exercise. With high elasticity and high support, I personally feel that I can run faster, have a more stable grip, and the daily rapid obstacle shuttle in the gym is also very powerful. When you encounter such a good pair of beautiful shoes, how can you not share them with everyone. So today, I will give you a brief introduction from the four points of shoe unboxing, fit design, craftsmanship and wearing experience.


From the moment I received the shoes, I was attracted by its packaging box, and I didn’t want our traditional shoe boxes to be the design of heaven and earth covers, the innovative pull-out design of the shoe box of this supercritical carbon plate shoe, supplemented by the technical design of the silver glossy surface of the shoe box, the overall feeling gave me a sense of surprise when opening the bubble mart, smoking the blind box.

Pulling out the inner box of the shoe box, revealing the shoes, I bought a supercritical carbon plate shoe with an all-black texture this time, and the moment I saw it, I was attracted by its overall shape. The specially adjusted carbon plate angle improves the overall durability of the shoe a lot, and the upper is seamlessly connected, and there is hardly a single extra pinhole and thread in the entire upper.

Fit design

Put the shoe on the table, first give it a 360-degree panoramic display, you can see that the sole is very high and thick, the material of the carbon plate of the whole palm, with super torsion resistance, providing stable support, the middle of the sole with black technology nylon midsole, excellent play of running shoe propulsion, with a special grain design of anti-slip wear-resistant outsole, even in the snowy winter road, you can walk out of a straight line, steady and not slippery, instead of walking a few steps, sliding a few meters.

For elasticity, it is the most basic function and index of all sports shoes, with highly elastic sports shoes, can reduce the vibration of human lower limb bones under strenuous exercise, and can also effectively reduce the injury of inertia to the body during human exercise. And this daily element supercritical carbon plate shoe, the core midsole adopts supercritical physical foaming technology, the foaming is more complete and uniform, the high rebound visible to the naked eye, in my sports scene, can rebound in place at the first time, every step of the run has strong rebound feedback and cushioning protection, fully protect health and speed blessing.


Exercise sweating, is the body detoxification and promote metabolism, but sweating brings embarrassment, especially the feet, for friends with athlete’s foot, exercise sweating brings foot hygiene, this sourness and taste is difficult to describe. A good sneaker should be refreshing and breathable. This daily element supercritical carbon plate shoe, from two aspects, let your feet in the high-intensity exercise, the breathable and dry arrangement is clearly arranged.

Take out the foot mat from the inside of the shoe, it can be seen that this imported antibacterial and anti-odor insole is fold-resistant, strong resilience, fresh and deodorized, refreshing and breathable.

Software (Comfort)

Different from the palm design of ordinary shoes, this daily element supercritical carbon plate shoes adopt a special adjustment design of the forefoot angle, and the front foot angle is lower, so that the general public, in daily life, whether walking or sports, can wear comfortably and easily control, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of carbon board running shoes.

After wearing the upper body effect, 360° almost fully fits the wrapped foot, but the comfort is still not affected, running and jumping as you like, fast and stable. The overall comfort of the integrated shoe and foot makes every step of the walk smooth.

The details are also well polished, and the heel is made of flocked and brushed material, which is light and thin, and it comfortably wraps the feet. And the material is easy to clean and prevents color spillage. There is no possibility that the shoes will lose or change color after washing.

The size and durability of the last directly determine the comfort of wearing. If the last design is not secure enough, it is easy to cut the foot, peel and even bleed. This daily element supercritical carbon plate shoe, re-optimized according to the shape of the Chinese foot, the overall wearing comfort is very high.


If you don’t accumulate silicon steps, you can’t go a thousand miles. But the road is thorny or smooth, and we can’t go barefoot. Choosing this supercritical carbon plate shoe for everyday elements can make your sports life or dream more relaxed. Make you fall in love with sports and have one more reason to want to run with the wind. So, if you want to change, start now, start by choosing this everyday element supercritical carbon plate shoe

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