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Square neck items with a strong retro style color, while setting off the temperament, but also can play a role in modifying the face shape, showing thinness, etc., deeply loved by women, the most prominent piece is the square neck dress, gentle and elegant romantic, in the skirt into more designs, such as puff sleeves, lace trim, etc., but also make the shape richer and more attractive. Recently, 32-year-old Yuan Shanshan appeared in an event in the shape of a square neck hip dress, elegant and sexy, beautiful and not low-key.

The square neck dress is characterized by the neckline, the square collar design is larger than the round neck or V-neck, showing the slender shoulder and neck collarbone line, to achieve the effect of showing the small face, the shoulders are relatively wide Young ladies recommend trying the small square collar clothing, so as not to appear thick due to the large skin area. Yuan Shanshan’s figure is very slender, and the square-necked dress she tried adopts a large square neck design, and incorporates puff sleeve elements for a special courtly beauty.

Little white skirt in most people’s impression, represent pure, beautiful and other words, in fact, through different tailoring design, the style of the little white skirt can also achieve a surprising effect, Yuan Shanshan’s white dress is so, aside from the square neck design of the upper body, the lower body of the hip fishtail shape design is also eye-catching enough, perfectly outline the women’s S-shaped curve, fresh and can exude the charm of mature women.

Most of the styles of square-neck dresses are more retro and lazy, but after incorporating the design of the hip-wrapping skirt, there is a touch of femininity in the laziness, which also makes the look of the shape richer. In addition to the exquisite and elegant dress, Yuan Shanshan is also very careful in the treatment of hairstyle, long hair tied up but deliberately scattered a strand of hair, modifying the face shape while highlighting the feminine and casual temperament, plus silver headdress, showing a noble and elegant good temperament.

32-year-old Yuan Shanshan has such a good temperament! Wearing a square-neck hip dress is elegant and sexy, and it is not low-key in beauty. The square-neck items favored by amateurs often appear in the styling of celebrities, especially this square-neck dress, which is easy to wear and fashionable, and is the best choice for women’s concave shapes. If you feel that ordinary square-neck dresses are too popular, you can start with color or material, choose brighter colors, more special materials, and make the shape more eye-catching.

Square neck dresses can be divided into three types according to the neckline, which are large square neck dresses, small square neck dresses, and square V-neck dresses. The first is suitable for girls with slender shoulders, the second is suitable for girls with wide shoulders and thick backs, and the third is suitable for girls with a busty body. However, the square V-neck dress has a relatively large skin exposed area, and the style shown is slightly different from the previous two, and the square V-neck slightly exposes the career line, which will be more sexy and bold.

Girls who don’t like to wear skirts can try other styles of square-necked pieces, such as square-neck tops or square-necked jumpsuits. Lazy and want to wear a good look little sisters don’t miss the square neck dress, which does not need to be matched with the dress, but it is more convenient to move than the dress, and the jumpsuit with the added square neck design will not look too neutral, but can add femininity to you on the basis of simple style.

Young ladies with deep matching skills can try square-neck tops, although not as convenient as dresses or jumpsuits, but they can be freely played according to their personal sense of fashion and match more personalized and fashionable shapes. If you try a square-neck top for the first time, it is best not to try too pompous styles, such as the design with puff sleeves, the difficulty of matching and driving will be much higher, and you will step on the thunder if you don’t pay attention.

The beauty of square-neck clothing, I believe that only the young ladies who wear it will appreciate it, this unique neckline design has been loved by people since its inception, and through the designer’s creation continues to renew, whether it is a square-neck dress or a square-neck top, it is a good item worthy of fashion~

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