“After the needle comes out of here, it is crossed in a mesh shape, which is what we call cross-stitching, and you will try it a few times.” “Well, really, now I learned it.” Yesterday morning, Liu Xiaoyan, who lives in the family home of the No. 2 Middle School on Health Road, quickly learned how to embroider cross stitch with the help of her neighbor Zhang Rui.

A clever hand in the eyes of a neighbor

Zhang Rui, 29 years old this year, has loved handicrafts since he was a child, and likes to tinker with some needlework on weekdays. More than ten years ago, she first came into contact with cross-stitch, and a few threads and a piece of cloth can express a painting so vividly, which also made Zhang Rui full of curiosity, and she immediately bought her first cross-stitch kit.

A rose picture about two meters long is the first cross-stitch work completed by Zhang Rui, practicing skills against the drawings, and asking others for experience, Zhang Rui groped in the world of cross-stitch, and his craftsmanship became more and more sophisticated, not only embroidered “Qingming Upper River Map”, “Golden Land”, “Eight Horses” and other large-scale works, but also embroidered a lot of small prices to give to friends and neighbors.

Skillfully embroidered a good life

In order to devote themselves to the cross-stitch business, 4 years ago, Zhang Rui and his sister opened a small shop called “Jinfang Embroidery” in front of their home on Health Road, which not only taught citizens who like cross stitch to learn cross stitch for free, but also provided a platform for some citizens who love embroidery to communicate and sell.

Speaking of her family’s attitude towards her cross-stitch career, Zhang Rui was quite moved, and her husband has always supported her, saying that as long as she likes it, she will do it. Sometimes when embroidering large-scale works, she often does not care about taking care of her husband and daughter, but her husband does not say anything, silently taking on all the affairs of the family. Although he doesn’t make much money, every time he sees some customers learn to weave their favorite pieces, Zhang Rui feels that his efforts are not in vain.

“You can also knit, cross stitch can hone people’s patience the most, my temper used to be big.” Zhang Rui told reporters that the careful and meticulous cross-stitch work has tempered her patience, and she is now much milder, and many people say that she has changed a lot and is becoming more and more gentle.

Talking about the future, Zhang Rui also has his own plans, while running a small shop, he will learn the same craft of weaving, so that he can also teach customers more skills, and strive to let more people have a pair of skillful hands and weave a better life.

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