The rapid development of science and technology not only brings a lot of convenience to our lives, but also makes our work more efficient, portable printers, portable scanners, etc. have become a good assistant for our mobile office. However, in terms of content excerpting and shorthand recording, in the past, we also needed to operate the shorthand recording device connected to the computer wired, and the high limitations not only could not use the needs of mobile office, but also made many friends who love to read prohibitive.

Until the emergence of Hanvon Bluetooth speed recorder T200, with its small and fashionable appearance, the design of wireless connection with mobile phones and computers through Bluetooth, this situation has been improved, and content speed recording and excerpting have completely got rid of the shackles of cables. Now, the arrival of Hanwang Bluetooth stenograph T200 is further optimized on the basis of the previous generation, which not only retains the small and fashionable appearance of the previous generation, the design of wireless connection, and the convenience of the cloud system, but also realizes the PC, mobile phone, and tablet to eat all, so that the application range of Bluetooth stenographer is wider. As a technology self-media, Yanshan Pai recently got this new speed recording artifact, after a period of use, today I will talk to you in detail about the actual performance of Hanking Bluetooth speed recorder T200.

  Compact and portable, yet stylish

In the past, most of the speed recording equipment was mainly to cope with office use scenarios, so most of the appearance was business style, while Hanwang Bluetooth speed recorder T200 is different, as a product born for mobile office, it is indeed portable and fashionable.

Hanvon Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 body design is very small, it may be a slight exaggeration to say that it is the size of a pen, but it is no exaggeration to say that it is the size of a marker, plus it weighs only 42g, its portability can be seen, whether it is in a pocket or in a backpack, there is no pressure.

Its rounded shape, the use of white color matching, and the high-gloss surface with anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint coating not only make it more comfortable to hold, more resistant to dirt and manufacturing, but also has a fashionable appearance.  

In order to further improve its portable performance and reliability, the scanning head of the Hanvon Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 is designed with a protective cover.

Open the protective cover to see the scan trigger button on the front of the scan head, as well as the LED light inside the scan head and the camera responsible for information collection.

The middle part of the front of the fuselage is designed with the Hanwang LOGO, and the top is designed with an LED indicator, different colors and flashing states, representing the different working states of T200, which not only enhances the sense of technology of the whole machine, but also is more intuitive. The green light flashes at startup, the green flashes 1~2 times when the power is turned off, and after connecting to the mobile phone, PC and other terminals, the indicator light display is blue and solid.

The T200’s micro USB charging port, power switch key, Reset reset button and function keys that can be customized to function such as carriage return, space or backspace are designed on the left side of the fuselage, and we can feel the rounded and ultra-thin design of the T200 through this photo.

It can be said that in terms of appearance design, Hanwang Bluetooth speed recorder T200 is not significantly different from the previous generation, it is so small and stylish, whether it is work speed recording, or daily reading process content extraction, you take it out and use it will look very styled. However, in terms of accessories, the two are different, compared with the previous generation, Hanwang Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 has a pocket-sized Bluetooth adapter, officially the existence of this accessory, so that Hanking Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 can not only be connected to Apple mobile phones and Android mobile phones, but also connected to computers and tablets.

Exclusive APP cooperation, PC, mobile phone, tablet all-in-one, rich functions, convenient operation

As we introduced earlier, Hanwang Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 is a smart speed recording device that transmits through Bluetooth and eats the three major terminals of mobile phones, PCs and tablets, and it is worth mentioning that in terms of mobile terminals, it also realizes iOS system and Android all-eating, meeting the needs of more users in one fell swoop, and the application range is wider.

Hanvon Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 in use, need to be used with the program or APP, PC program and mobile APP acquisition is also more convenient, in addition to using the T200 accessories in the CD and the QR code in the manual, you can also enter the official website of Hanvon, open “Service and Support”, select “Program and Driver Download”, search for “T200” in the search bar for software and QR code search. Apple mobile phone or tablet users only need to find the “Hanwang Shorthand” in the App Store to find the APP. No matter what kind of device it is connected to, Hanvon Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 has rich functions and is very simple to operate.

Let’s take the use of connecting Apple mobile phones as an example, let’s first talk about the mobile phone speed recording operation. After installing the “Shorthand” APPR2, we can see the main page of the “Notebook” APP, and through the buttons on both sides of the “Notebook” at the top of the screen, we can open the user and system settings interface and the Stenograph hardware setting interface respectively.

Among them, the user and system settings interface can manage user accounts, and can understand the amount of excerpts, clear the cache, and synchronize the speed recording and excerpt content.

And the notebook page, we can classify the input content according to their own needs, and can perform note creation, editing management and search operations, in which the title and content of the notes can be scanned and entered by Hanwang Bluetooth speed recorder T200, and it is worth mentioning that at the same time as scanning the speed recording, the interface can be synchronized in the form of pictures to display the content scanned by T200, so that you can check the text while entering, if there is a recognition error for various reasons, Users can directly modify through manual input, which greatly improves the input efficiency.

In addition, there are also three buttons designed at the bottom of the note viewing/modifying interface, including note sharing, proofreading picture switch and photo taking photos, in which the note sharing function can share the entered or extracted notes through QQ, QQ space, WeChat friends, friend moments, email, Evernote and other forms, breaking the barrier between traditional print media and mobile Internet, making community communication richer and more exciting, and allowing everyone to feel the charm of notes together. It is worth mentioning that the notes extracted by T200 can be arbitrarily edited through the APP and saved as note documents. While sharing the original text, you can also add your own experience to make sharing more interesting and meaningful.

The photo function can realize the mixing of pictures and texts, add pictures to the short-track content, make the note content richer and more vivid, and the personalized reading effect is pleasing to the eye.

On the hardware setting page, we can intuitively understand the T200 battery status, connection status and pen memory usage, and can perform functions such as function key setting, recognition core selection, sleep time setting, automatic shutdown time setting, scanning direction selection and other operations. Among them, the function keys can be selected according to personal usage habits: line break, space, and backspace, and from a practical point of view, Yanshan Pai feels that it is most comfortable to give it a line break function, because the recognition rate of T200 is high enough, generally do not need to be manually modified, and easily break the notes while scanning, which can make the note content paragraphs clearer. The recognition core selection function can be selected in Chinese or English, so that the T200 can more accurately identify the content for short-hand recording. T200 not only supports traditional horizontal scanning, but also supports vertical scanning, and selects different scanning directions according to different formats, so that it has a wider range of application, and is not afraid of horizontal and vertical.

When connecting to the PC for use, you need to download and install the Bluetooth receiver driver and Hanvon speed recorder software through the CD or Hanvon official website.

After the driver and software installation is completed, you need to insert the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port of the computer to connect the Bluetooth speed recorder. After the driver installation is completed, a blue Bluetooth logo will appear in the computer taskbar, double-click the secondary logo to enter the Bluetooth connection setting interface, just need to find Hanwang speed recorder in the nearby Bluetooth device searched, and then pair the connection, T200 and the computer after the successful connection of the taskbar Bluetooth logo will turn green. Different colors represent different states, which is very intuitive.

After the T200 and the computer are successfully connected, open the Hanvon speed recorder software, at this time we can select the function of the function key, and can select the function automatically added by the T200 after scanning to the end of the line. Under the Advanced page, you can set the recognition language and automatic reading function. At present, T200 supports two recognition languages, Chinese and English, and automatic reading provides two accents, Mandarin and Cantonese. After a few setups, we can start using the T200 for input.

Hanvon Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 can enter the recognized text content into Notepad, word, WPS mail, QQ dialog box and any software that can input text content, this time Yanshan Pai chose WPS as the input content receiving software.

A line sweep, and everything under the nib will automatically appear in the WPS document, which is quite good.

Actual experience: The scanning operation is fast, thousands of words per minute, and the input accuracy and speed are worthy of recognition

After the function introduction, let’s talk about the hands-on operation experience, to tell the truth, Yanshan Pai has experienced the speed recorder this product many times before, and the operation of Hanwang Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 can be said to be hand-to-hand, so in order to further test its difficulty of getting started, this time Yanshan Pai specially found a friend who has not used a speed recorder to experience. Because the T200 scanning head is designed with a centered indicator arrow logo, as well as an LED positioning light, it is still very good to grasp in the scanning positioning, but due to the misalignment during the first friend’s scanning, the second half of the content input error, but the subsequent scanning test can be entered successfully after ensuring that the T200 slides in parallel. From this point of view, Hanvon Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 is still very easy to use, and friends without any foundation can quickly master the skills.

As for the input speed and accuracy, we have also undergone many tests, and through the test, as long as the scanning speed can be grasped, then the recognition rate of Hanwang Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 can reach almost 100%, and at this speed, it can also achieve an efficiency of more than 1000 words per minute. Some friends may say that I use my mobile phone to take pictures through some software for text extraction, which seems to be right, so Yanshan Pai also conducted a comparative test for this, but the final result is that Hanwang Bluetooth speed recorder T200 is more efficient, because the accuracy of the way mobile phone takes photos to extract text is too low, and it takes a lot of time on content proofreading. Of course, such test results are also expected by the Yanshan School, after all, he is an old mage in the OCR industry, and Han Wang is still very powerful in speed recording and recognition technology.

Unexpected surprise: Cloud technology ensures the security of short-recorded content

In the test of Hanwang Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200, in addition to appearance, ease of use and input efficiency, Yanshan Pai also found two more practical functions, one is that T200 can save the document records in the APP to the storage space in TXT format (plain text format) in the mobile terminal scenario. When T200 is connected to a PC, you can edit, copy and delete TXT documents by accessing the U disk.

The other is that the T200 has the support of Hanvon Cloud, which ensures the diversification of functions of the Hanvon Bluetooth speed recorder T200. Hanvon Cloud is an online cloud service product combining Hanvon Technology’s pattern recognition technology, Internet technology and cloud computing technology, and is an open platform committed to providing pattern recognition cloud services in the mobile Internet era. In the mobile scenario, the shorthand APP R2 can back up all the recorded text to Hanvon Cloud, making the management and integration of data more convenient, without worrying about the loss of the scanned data extracted, and realizing the synchronous copying of notes from multiple terminals after logging in to ensure the management of data at any time. We only need to register a shorthand APP account to view shorthand data under multiple terminals, which is safe and convenient.

Say at the end

The small and fashionable appearance allows it to get rid of the shackles of the serious business image of the speed recording device, and under the use of Bluetooth and Internet technology, the design of mobile terminal and PC side all-in-one also allows it to have a wider application range and more interesting operation experience, coupled with the accuracy and high efficiency brought by Hanwang Cloud and Hanwang’s consistent advantages in OCR technology. It can be said that Hanvon Bluetooth Speed Recorder T200 is enough to be called Hanwang’s representative work in the Internet era, whether it is a student party, office workers or fashionistas who like to socialize, whether you are for office use or reading and entertainment, it can be competent.

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