Every fashion week, everyone’s eyes are always focused on the venue, wanting to know the next popular elements and items early, so that they can be a trendssetter. But the angle of cat sister looking at fashion week is always a little different, cat sister is more willing to pay attention to the supermodels outside the venue, many of their street fashion styles can be imitated or even copied, much more grounded than the styling in the show, we ordinary people are not so hard to learn.

The street outfits of the models outside the “Milan Fashion Week” once again aroused the interest of the cat sister.

And look at these two foreign supermodels, one is a black tight vest + army green wide-leg pants, and the hem is tucked into the waist to easily create a perfect proportion; And the other black cardigan + pure white T-shirt, the denim blue with black British style leather shoes that is very common at the bottom, and it feels windy when walking. Speaking of which, it is estimated that everyone has also found that the two fashionistas are dressed in basic colors, but they do not cover up the charm of their supermodels, and many supermodels who shoot outside the street are this style, so in this issue, we will learn from the outfits of the supermodels outside the Milan Fashion Week to learn the “way of dressing” of basic colors. So how exactly do you wear the basic color to make it more colorful?

Basic color + basic color, to know how to create highlights

(1): Use dressing skills to create highlights

“Basic color + basic color” is really not easy to wear wonderful, a large area of basic color is very testing the figure and temperament, it is easy to wear out the effect to become the background board of others. But it is not impossible, such as using some dressing tips to create some highlights in the rippleless look, and still stand out from the crowd.

And look at this supermodel, the upper body is the most ordinary white shirt style, and even a little wrinkled, with blue jeans although the knee has a deliberately worn treatment, but it is also a very common style, “white shirt + jeans” such a matching combination that sounds nothing new, she wears it is very trendy. First of all, the white shirt collar deliberately unbuttoned the top 1-2 buttons, easily getting rid of the white shirt’s commuting stereotype; Moreover, the hem of the shirt is tucked into jeans, note that only the front part is stuffed, and the unruly and handsome of the street easily catches the eye.

Look at this all black shape, black striped suit + black suspenders + black ripped pants, even the bag is black. Although there is also a waist-baring and ripped design blessing, such a large area of basic black, a little careless and dull will still make the fashion of the shape greatly reduced. The supermodel’s approach is to “half-wear and half-drag” the black striped suit to expose one side of the sexy meeting, easily creating the highlight of the look, who would say it is not brilliant enough?

(2): Use skin-revealing tailoring to highlight the highlights of sexy manufacturing

It’s still easy for women to create highlights in their looks, and moderate skin exposure is the most common way. By showing the sexiness of the skin, bare waist, bare shoulders, bare legs, etc., it easily grabs people’s attention, and the highlights will naturally appear. What needs to be said here is, moderation. Not only is it worried that excessive skin exposure will easily make the look slide into the abyss of vulgarity, but also to remember that excessive skin exposure is not advanced at all. And look at the supermodel on the left in the picture, the basic white waistless vest + blue denim flared pants, the short building materials on the upper body reveal a little waist skin, looming to hold the little sexy very well, this outfit is also quite suitable for autumn reference.

(3): Use accessories to embellish and enrich the color to create highlights

Many people who are more particular about dressing are estimated to have this feeling, a basic color matching feeling is quite simple, but also quite advanced, but in the choice of accessories (including scarves, bags, etc.) is more worried, both worried that the shape is too simple and there are no highlights, and afraid that the choice of accessories will destroy the overall simple atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the way the street supermodel in the picture, black clothes and black pants and black leather shoes, even the jacket held in his hand is black leather, the only thing that surprises people is the printed silk scarf on his head, yes, this is the highlight of her look, using a small area of accessories to create an eye-catching, dispelling the monotony and dullness brought by a black body in minutes, and the effect of four or two pounds.

Basic color + bright color system, need to grasp the primary and secondary and balance

“Basic color + bright color” is our commonly used color scheme, the advantage is both eye-catching and eye-catching without fancy and pompous, a very basic color matching principle. It should be noted here that due to the different specific styles and preferences of each person, the requirements for the use of colors are also different, and it is necessary to grasp a priority. For example, young girls of course like to have more bright colors, but mature women may just need a little bright color to embellish enough, which is a disagreement, so “basic color + bright color” needs to be determined by their preferences, mood and other factors. For example, the supermodel on the left in the picture, fluorescent green slim shirt with tight black cycling pants, the slender and slender supermodel body in place, because the bright fluorescent green occupies the dominance of the styling color, the whole look is very young and vibrant, is a good choice for young street photography experts, highlighting her unrestrained, enthusiastic personality.

“Basic color + bright color” also needs to avoid the problem of fancy and pompous. What we call the basic color and the combination of bright colors, sometimes not two colors but a variety of colors, at this time to avoid fancy and pompous has become an inevitable need to pay attention to, if you are worried about their own poor handling, Sister Mao suggests that the number of basic colors, area more, after all, the basis is known for its versatility and good control, appropriate addition of bright colors rich, enhance the shape, is a good color formula. Take a look at the example in the picture, black leggings outline the delicate leg line, paired with cool lime and white pointed toe boots, black and white with classic and generous. The upper body is a light matcha green T-shirt, embellished with a gold monogram pattern, which injects playfulness and highlights into the look, and the whole look is fashionable and eye-catching without ostentation, and it is OK to copy it in autumn.

Milan Fashion Week street shoots are more exciting than the runway, supermodels wear basic colors to get off work, beautiful into a scene, do you say?

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Fashion Week is not only about the runway, Milan street supermodels wear basic color street photos, which are more exciting than the infield

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