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Edging elements have long been commonly used in the fashion industry

Dress carefully

, in the collar, cuffs, etc. of the clothes, plus conspicuous hemming, not only shows the designer

Delicate mind

, but also show that everyone is unique

Dressing concept

Clothes with hemming elements do not affect

Everyday wear

, but also to bring everyone a variety of things




, is very worthy of everyone’s like.

If you haven’t tried it yet

Edging element

, or everyone has worn clothes with hemming elements, but they have not noticed. Then everyone can follow the editor to go seriously

Unravel it

, I believe that Xiaobian will not let everyone


The so-called hemming element is to make some edges on everyone’s clothes


, This breaks the original routine and dullness of the clothes, very

Have personality

The same piece of clothing will make a difference with and without hemming

Stylish sense

。 This is why fashion bloggers and celebrities sometimes look like they are wearing the same clothes as the editors, but it is difficult for the editors to achieve them

Wearing effect

Advantages of hemming elements

Great variety

The small hemming is very powerful, and a unique style is carried out

The clothes will give everyone a complete set of matches

Finishing touch


Don’t just think that hemming is just everyone


The so-called hemming is just one


, it can also be divided into very much


Various kinds are performed on the edges of clothes


, such as weaving, metal, lace, etc. Make some of the original edges

Color processing

, on the basis of the original edges

Thickened treatment


Trim of the hemming

, It is also suitable for a variety of clothes, everyone can

Feel free to choose

In sweaters, blazers, trench coats, short sleeves, tank tops, pants, etc

Various styles

of clothes to be processed.

Excellent decorative effect

The edging element is also when everyone bumps into the shirt

Winning weights

, if everyone wears one

T-shirt in solid color

Walking down the street, you may find with many people

Bump shirt

But if there are bright colors on everyone’s solid T-shirts at this time

Hemming design

, Everyone will definitely not be afraid of bumping into the shirt, when he saw the hemming design of everyone’s clothes, everyone was already there


A hemmed design increases the clothing of the garment


, making everyone more people

Lively and cute

。 You can also increase everyone’s clothes



Temperament, making everyone more charming and gentle. Even increase the fashion and sexiness of everyone’s clothes, so that everyone is more filled

Full of trend.

Easily get celebrity outfits

Major fashion brands have tried to incorporate hemming elements into their designs and have increased

The highlight of the clothes

。 More and more shopping apps on the store, one after another

Follow the example of the big names


And make a name for yourself

The same celebrity

The temptation of successfully attracted the editors so that the editors could

Easy get

Celebrity outfits. It’s not that everyone can’t match clothes, it’s just everyone’s mind

Not delicate enough

How to use the hemming element correctly

Choose the color of the hemming

Some clothes have hemming designs

Very simple

, only in the color of the hands and feet, at this time the editors have to be serious

Choose a color

。 Dark clothes must be chosen


The hemming color is

Rainbow colors

, only then can it be achieved

The effect of decoration

If everyone still chooses

Dark colors

, then the role of the hemming element cannot be played. If everyone’s clothes themselves are very colorful


, then everyone can choose boldly

Contrast elements

, This combination will make everyone applaud.

The use of color is

A science

Sometimes you don’t know what will happen without trying

。 The edging element is very


There is only one or a few of them


, will not cause everyone’s overall dressing

What kind of impact

, on the contrary, it will make everyone dressed up

More stylish

You can also use it

Be careful with the machine

, for example, make the color of everyone’s hemming with the color of everyone’s shoes, or everyone’s hairstyle

The colors echo

Choose the style of the hemming

As introduced earlier, there are many types of hemming, so you must choose when choosing

Suit yourself


If the overall dress is compared

Biased towards leisure

, that only needs to change the color of the hem, no need to make too many changes in the style. If everyone’s overall dress is compared

Biased towards business style

, at this time, the style and color of the hemming are both

Not too much

You can also try adding some to the hem of the sweater

Metal chain

The hemming design, add some to the edge of the skirt

Lace design

, add some to the edges of the short sleeves

Knitted design

, are very OK.

Choose according to the width of the hemming

Some may not

The division of the width and narrowness of the hem

You will be surprised, but you don’t know that the difference in the width of the hem will have a effect on everyone’s overall outfit

A big impact

Thin hemming elements are often used to compare those overall outfits

Formal occasions

At this time, the width of the hemming should not be too wide, and the thinner hemming will play a good role in the overall dress

Embellishment effect.

And the wider hemming will play

The sauce is better than the fish

effect, and even sometimes the entire hemming element, will cover the entire sleeve, and so will such hemming elements

Make people like

Some hemming adopts

Striped design

, The color of the hemming is very uniform, and there are some hemming colors like a rainbow worn on themselves

Very cute.

Choose according to the type of clothes


Short sleeves


Long sleeves

The design is usually changed in the color of the hemming, so that the clothes meet the needs of daily life and express the mentality that even if they are ordinary, life is colorful.

This combination is especially suitable for wearing

Slacks, jeans

As well as various

Long skirt

。 No matter how old you are, you can make yourself through clothing with the help of the hemming element

Back to 18

If it is a blazer and windbreaker outside

This is to break the convention while making the clothes more designed, so that the whole clothes match

More diverse

There may be times when everyone wonders why they wear it

of clothes, why can’t they reach the same as models

That’s because everyone’s overall collocation doesn’t

Complement each other

Casual clothes can be matched with casual or sporty if everyone is forced

Join the princess wind

, I’m afraid it won’t be reached

Desired effect

The hemming element is just one

Decorative effect

, Don’t expect it to change everyone’s overall style, be sure to choose carefully

Good match

The clothes, only in this way the role of hemming can

Play it out.

By explaining the elements of hemming, everyone will learn to a greater or lesser extent

New points of knowledge

。 Don’t think that the edging element is far out of reach, on the contrary, it exists

Everyone’s life

。 As long as everyone is careful to match, you can wear clothes with hemming elements, and you will find hemming elements

Diverse and easy to match

, What are you waiting for?



Edging element

Edging element

Edging element

Wearing effect


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