When should babies start brushing their teeth? What should I pay attention to when brushing my teeth?

How can you make your child love brushing their teeth?

Many mothers send private messages to candy mothers, complaining that their children do not like to brush their teeth, and there are many problems.

Some mothers said that instead of running around after their children when feeding,

She is even more afraid to brush her child’s teeth, like killing a pig!

Some children’s parents are so bad that they went to brush their teeth, just picked up the toothbrush and remembered something, and quickly used brushing their teeth as a threat to negotiate with their parents, “If I brush my teeth well today, I will brush them sooner or later,

Gotta let me watch five episodes of cartoons in the evening

。 “It’s negotiable.

A dad told me that the child is too confused to brush his teeth, so he can squeeze some toothpaste out and poke it twice in his mouth with a toothbrush.

Yes, it is for the above reasons, so sometimes you see the child brushing his teeth, but in fact he is not brushing well, and when the parents force him to do it, the child will be very confused,

Cleaning is not thorough

, it is easy to cause caries problems!

Replace broken baby teeth with permanent teeth, is that really the case?

Many parents feel headaches about the problem of brushing their children’s teeth, and when they are physically and mentally exhausted, they often turn a blind eye and pass. And they think that even if the child’s baby teeth have problems, it will be good to replace them with permanent teeth in the future, and parents who think this way are very wrong.

▼ It is necessary to know that the child’s future permanent teeth should also follow the trajectory of the eruption of the baby teeth, and if the decayed primary teeth are not treated quickly, they can cause pulp and apical lesions, which in turn will affect the development of inherited permanent teeth and cause enamel hypoplasia.

▼ And the most embarrassing thing is that when the baby has tooth decay, the baby teeth are likely to “retire early”. Sometimes children eat an ice cream or nibble on something slightly harder, and their baby teeth will be knocked out. The baby who was originally very good-looking, but now it has become a “tooth-open-minded”.

▼ Another point is that if the baby teeth abdicate early, and the permanent teeth have not yet germinated, the space left is easily “usurped” by other teeth, eventually resulting in the phenomenon of uneven permanent teeth.

Decay of baby teeth not only seriously lowers the appearance of the cute baby, but also causes

Children bite loosely and misaligned

and other phenomena,

Affects your child’s eating

, which in turn adversely affects the growth and development of the baby.

So, how old is your baby going to brush his teeth?

The answer may be different from what you think, not after the baby teeth are fully aligned, nor is it a fixed age

, but when the baby erupts the first baby tooth, the mother can start to “brush” the baby.

Parents can use gauze or finger toothbrush and wipe back and forth on the baby’s gums with water.

When the baby is about 2 years old and some of the big teeth are full, parents should start teaching their children to use a toothbrush to brush their teeth.

Little Candy Brushing Notes:

It was around the age of 2 that I started helping her learn how to brush her teeth. At that time, the first thing I considered was an electric toothbrush, because the baby has little strength, and it is less laborious to use an electric toothbrush.

Choose those with good elasticity and evenly distributed toothbrush bristles for children. Then there is the narrow brush head, which is more suitable for the baby’s oral size.

I thought I had done my best to choose a toothbrush for my candy, but it didn’t work too well. How much force to use when brushing teeth and how to choose the angle may not be fully mastered by adults, let alone children. If the cleaning is not in place, it is easy to breed caries.

No matter how to strictly guard against the child’s candy, the toothbrush is not selected well, and the child does not like to brush, which is also ineffective.

And the baby’s nature is to play, repeating brushing her teeth every day is more like a task for her, and it will feel very boring.

Another thrilling experience, I am still afraid when I think about it, the toothbrush is separated, maybe the parts are loose, the little candy almost swallowed the brush head by mistake, startling me into a cold sweat.

Little Candy tests the TAWA Le Brush

As the saying goes, “If you want to do a good job, you must use your tools first”, and after thinking about it, I decided to buy Little Candy a toothbrush that suits her and is loved by her children. After a few comparisons, I bought a TAWA Lele brush for Little Candy, and now I will share the testing process.

When I opened the express package and just took out this Lele brush for candy, the child was attracted by its cute shape, and the toothpaste presented was still strawberry-flavored, which is the baby’s favorite taste.

Before using it, I first let the little candy open her mouth wide to see if the size of this toothbrush was suitable for her, and the result was that the U-shaped Lele brush completely matched the baby’s teeth,

It can even be described as “seamless”, a big stone in my heart finally fell to the ground.

Later I learned that the model I chose was suitable for children aged 3 to 5, and there were also models for older children, and the model covered almost all children.

Then I squeezed the toothpaste on top of the Lele brush, and Candy couldn’t wait to start brushing my teeth.

This toothbrush has a significant advantage, that is, it frees the hands of the child and the mother.

As long as the baby bites it, it will automatically brush its teeth, and the child can play while brushing, reducing the burden.

In use, I asked if the candy felt vibrating, and she nodded. Then I adjusted two other gears for her, and the vibration would be high and low. The child prefers the second gear, there will be a small light flashing when changing gears, and the candy feels very novel.

Two minutes passed quickly, Lele brush automatically stopped working, and the little candy didn’t seem to have “played enough”, a little reluctant. The daughter looked at the white teeth in the mirror and smiled happily.

The biggest feeling for me during the whole process is that it saves time and effort, and the child’s cooperation is also very high. This perfect experience trip made Little Candy fall in love with brushing her teeth!

Based on my daughter and me’s test, let’s talk about the advantages of TAWA Lele brushes

Compared with the past when children brush from one or two teeth every time, Lele brush can cover all the baby’s teeth at the same time, and clean the inside and outside sides of the teeth at the same time, brushing the teeth synchronously without partitioning, saving time and effort.

The toothbrush is easy to learn and frees your baby’s hands, allowing you to brush your teeth while playing, or swing from side to side to clean your teeth, and easily switch between three vibration modes.

The shape of the little robot will make the baby fall in love, there are a variety of colors for the child to choose from, plus fun lights flashing, the small nose is a switch, a toothbrush, and a toy!

The brush head is made of WACKER silicone imported from Germany

, baby pacifier-grade food-grade material, no peculiar smell, not easy to breed bacteria, integrated design, can prevent the brush head from falling off the problem of children swallowing, to children to use safer and more assured.

The waterproof level of Lele brush is very high,

Waterproof rating of IPX7 meets international standards

It is completely no problem to put this little robot in the water for 30 minutes, and there is no need to worry about the problem of water and electricity leakage into the machine.

Here I would also like to recommend to all mothers, choose a good toothbrush for your child, let your child love brushing, while giving your child a white and healthy tooth, it will also open up a new life full of confidence, wisdom and fun for your baby!

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TAWA automatic baby brushing artifact U-shaped children’s electric toothbrush 2-6-12 years old rechargeable Lele brush



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