A 3-year-old child ingested desiccant by mistake, and his mother-in-law “divine operation”, doctor: ginger is still old and spicy

It is said that a child is a curious baby, which is not wrong at all, for children, anything in this world is worth exploring for them. However, they are ignorant and ignorant, but they do not know that it is precisely because

Their spirit of exploration has put them in more danger.

In our lives, desiccant is a very common thing, basically all food has desiccant, especially those snacks.

When children eat, they cannot distinguish the harm of this thing.

They only know that this thing is different from snacks, a little different, so it is easy to stuff it into their mouths as edible things in the process of snacking.

Ah Ying and her husband are both new parents in the workplace, and they have to take care of their children while working, and some of them are too busy to take care of them. After seeing this situation, Ah Ying’s mother-in-law thought that she was in good health, so she took the initiative to take care of the child.

On this day, Ah Ying and her husband went to work, and there was another mother-in-law and a 3-year-old child left at home, and the mother-in-law thought that it was still early, and she could quickly clean up while the children were playing. So she put the children in the toy area and went to the living room to clean up the house.

Unexpectedly, before the mother-in-law finished sweeping the floor, she heard the child’s cough and ran in to take a look, which is good.

The child covered his throat and coughed uncomfortably, while next to him was a packet of white desiccant and scattered snacks.

The mother-in-law then understood that the child had ingested desiccant by mistake.

Fortunately, my mother-in-law has also noticed this kind of information on TV and the Internet before, and knows how to do it. So she quickly took a glass of water for the child to drink, then filled the child with some milk, and then sent the child to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, after a series of examinations and processing, the child was sure that he was fine.

In this regard, the doctor also said to parents

The treatment of the child is very good, the first aid measures are appropriate, and the hospital is sent to the hospital in time.

When he heard his mother-in-law say that she had specially drunk a glass of milk for the child just in case, the doctor couldn’t help but smile and said: Ginger is still old and spicy.

In fact, children ingesting desiccant by mistake is the most common thing. According to the investigation, among the children who ingest “dangerous goods”, desiccant is the first to bear the brunt. At present, there are all kinds of desiccant on the market, and parents will be overwhelmed, and their children are likely to eat by mistake. Therefore, parents should be aware of its hazards and remember the correct treatment method after ingesting different desiccants.

What is the harm of accidentally ingesting desiccant?

1. Burn the mouth and esophagus

Although there are many types of desiccant, the main ingredients of desiccant in most foods are quicklime and silica gel, if the child accidentally ingests,

It is possible to burn the mouth and esophagus because of its corrosiveness

。 If you accidentally fly into your eyes,

It burns the eyes easily

, so parents must not underestimate the danger of dryness.

2. Blowing up and injuring children

The desiccant of calcium oxide desiccant is also relatively common, and its composition is the quicklime we often mention. After this desiccant comes into contact with water,

Quicklime and water react chemically and release a lot of energy

, which may cause an explosion and injure the child.

3. Poisoning

To say that desiccant is a hidden dangerous good, not only there are many types, its hazards are also different. No, there are also desiccants that contain iron oxide, that is, iron oxide.

After the child ingests this desiccant,

It will cause nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain

, this is mainly because iron oxide is also irritating to the respiratory system and skin;

If you ingest a lot, it will even cause poisoning.

Accidental ingestion of desiccant, different types of different treatments:

1. Quicklime desiccant

This desiccant

It is white or beige powder

Its danger ranks first among many desiccants

。 If consumed carelessly, it needs to be handled carefully:


Take water according to the standard of 5ml/kg body weight, and the total amount of water should not exceed 200ml

, first play the role of dilution buffer. When quicklime reacts with water, the ratio is different, and the initial chemical reaction is also different.

2) Take milk,

The right amount of milk can play a lubricating role here

, preventing the desiccant from sticking to the mouth and esophagus.

3) After the first aid measures are completed, please go to the hospital immediately for examination.

2. Calcium oxide desiccant

Desiccants containing oxidants are also

White powder

Yes, this desiccant is also more common, mostly

Used to prevent moisture

。 Therefore, after the child ingests by mistake, the parents’ first aid measures are

Let the child drink plenty of water

Some elderly people may easily confuse these two desiccants, so just in case, you can drink some milk for the child like Ah Ying’s mother-in-law.

3. Iron oxide desiccant

Iron oxide desiccant though


, but its color is different, generally presented is


。 If consumed

A small amount of words

, the harm is basically not much, just need

Drink plenty of water

That’s it; But if

If you eat too much, it will cause poisoning

, so be sure to send to the hospital.

4. Mineral desiccant

This desiccant is

Grey grainy

of, because of it

The main ingredient is dirt


The damage to the human body is basically small

。 After the child eats by mistake, if the amount is small, it is nothing,

If you have a large amount, you also need to ask a doctor to help you check it

5. Silica gel desiccant

This desiccant should be the most common desiccant we see now,

Especially in snacks such as biscuits and nuts, the shape is transparent and granular.

Although this desiccant itself is not toxic, it will not react after careful consumption. But to be on the safe side

You can take a lot of water, if you eat too much, it will also cause physical discomfort, so you need to treat it in time.

The above methods are all treatment methods after the child accidentally eats, but in order to reduce parents’ worries and cause unnecessary harm, parents are best to take away the desiccant in advance before the child eats, or tell the child that this thing is terrible and cannot be eaten.

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