Reporter visited the “most beautiful factory” Baizhentang: What does the 130 million yuan intelligent workshop look like?

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The report of the municipal party congress mentioned that it is necessary to accelerate the development of the central kitchen (pre-made dishes) industry and build a modern food industry chain.

In the recently announced list of “most beautiful factories” in Wenzhou in 2021, Baizhentang Biotechnology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baizhentang”) is on the list. Many Wenzhou people know that Chenxi stew is one of the brands under Baizhentang. In the past three years, more young people have come into contact with “Baizhentang”, probably eating his family’s morning abalone rice takeaway. At the same time, Baizhentang is also a supplier of pre-made dishes for many hotels and chain restaurants.

With the continuous popularity of pre-made dishes since 2020, Baizhentang, founded in 1996, has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. Recently, the reporter walked into Baizhentang to explore the beauty of Baizhentang on the spot, and talked with General Manager Dai Chenxu to explore the concept and story behind its beauty.


Spend 130 million yuan to build an intelligent workshop

The first in the country, the production efficiency is increased by 3 times, and the cost is reduced by half

Located in Baizhentang, Cifeng West Road, the main building is a six-story R & D and production building. Among them, the first to third floors are production workshops, the fourth floor is the product center and research institute, the fifth floor is the intelligent warehouse, and the sixth floor is the office area.

A delicious stew that starts with the stock. Walking into the production workshop on the first floor, you will be greeted by various stainless steel pipes and tanks. This complete set of automatic soup extraction system and automatic pressing system is also the core part of the investment of 130 million yuan.

The 20,000-ton intelligent broth extraction production line, the first in China with independent intellectual property rights, no longer adopts the old-fashioned sandwich pot boiling process, but uses an industrial tank sandwich to boil the soup. From the thawing of raw materials to the cooling of the soup to the high temporary storage tank, the soup produced not only has a more stable taste, a more complete nutritional retention, but also has a long shelf life and is more hygienic when frozen. Compared with the traditional sandwich pot, the output of each shift can be increased by 3 times, the cost price of a single product can be reduced by one-half, the number of employees is reduced by two-thirds, and there are only more than 50 workers in the production workshop, which can save about 7 million yuan in wages every year.

Automatic pressing systems are mainly used to achieve solid-liquid separation. After independent research and development, Baizhentang pioneered the domestic 308 mm stigma independent intellectual property design, each ton of broth can recover 170 kg of soup residue, according to the annual output of 20,000 tons of production line, can recover 3,400 tons of soup residue, worth about 10.2 million yuan.

The entire automated production line also realizes the “machine substitution” of six auxiliary functions. For example, the feeding before extracting the soup, without manually touching the chicken and other materials, is all cleaned and transported by the equipment. The material is separated separately and tightly watered, stored in the material temporary storage tank, through the conveying system, 5 minutes to complete an extraction tank, 10 minutes to complete a batch of standardized feeding.

The products produced are uniformly packed through the baling line, and will be automatically baled and palletized by automatic baling machines and palletizing robots to achieve fully automatic plating and packing.

In addition, the cleaning of all sealing equipment such as pipes and tanks is also automated, and the three-way CIP cleaning system covers one, two, and three floors to ensure food safety.

Walking into the central control room of Baizhentang, you can not only fully understand the production situation of each step of the production workshop, but also grasp the energy consumption, finance, sales, etc., and detail which product in which area sales, inventory, etc., all at a glance.

Invest tens of millions of yuan in research and development every year

Breakthrough in the key technology of “stuck neck”, with 49 patents

When you come to the fourth floor, you will enter the product center and research institute of Baizhentang. The decoration style here is somewhat similar to the production workshop, and the walls are all made of stainless steel.

According to Dai Chenxu, in recent years, Baizhentang’s annual R&D investment has exceeded 10 million yuan, and the scientific research system includes product centers and research institutes. The former is mainly to continuously develop new products that can be marketed, while the latter mainly studies cutting-edge issues, such as the use of supercritical extraction, enzymatic hydrolysis and other processes currently being developed to extract polysaccharides, DHA, small molecule peptides in abalone offal, which are used in food additives, skin care and beauty, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.

The R&D center is equipped with not only laboratories, “miniature” intelligent workshops, which can be experimented under various specific conditions, simulating and preparing various dishes, and a large kitchen for technicians to “refill” the test.

It is under years of research that Baizhentang has broken through the core technology of “stuck neck” of enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation of marine animals and plants, and has achieved recognized achievements in the industry in the extraction of soups, sauces and juices, as well as the integration of green manufacturing technology and intelligent equipment technology in the field of pre-made dishes. At present, Baizhentang has 49 patents, and has won the first prize of the Science and Technology Award of the China Food Industry Association and the first prize of the Chinese Food Science and Technology Progress Award.

In terms of R&D team configuration, the company currently has 1 doctor, more than 20 graduate students, and has successively established Baizhentang Souptime Research Institute, Baizhentang College, Baizhentang Enterprise Research Institute and various scientific research projects with Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou Science and Technology Vocational and Technical College and Wenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The research and development of dietary supplement products and complete sets of processes based on nucleotide rapid nutritional supplementation have been selected as national key research and development projects. This research aims to improve the extraction rate and utilization rate of nucleotides and other nutrients in raw material residue soup, and through scientific formula matching, the use of low-temperature quick-freezing technology, fast fresh locking to ensure flavor and meet the needs of enhancing immunity, reduce the risk of susceptible people infected with viruses, etc., the project once again improved the core competitiveness of Baizhentang products.


Dai Chenxu, general manager of Baizhentang: The whole industry is studying “how to sell”

Reporter: In the past two years, pre-made dishes have been very popular, and they have been reflected in the stock market. There is also the latest data, the “2022 National Online New Year Festival” led by the Ministry of Commerce, according to statistics, the sales of pre-made dishes increased by 45.9% year-on-year. How do you see the development prospects of pre-made dishes?

Dai Chenxu: That’s true, pre-made dishes are now in the limelight. Our new pre-made dish product “Big Plate Cuisine” also sold very well during the Spring Festival this year. The reason why such products ushered in the wind, on the whole, is that the trend of catering industrialization has reached this stage, starting from relatively large hotels and chain restaurants, they actually used pre-made dishes earlier in order to standardize and reduce costs. Until now, more and more young people have no time, will not handle ingredients, and are afraid of trouble, so whether it is on the B end or the C end, the demand for pre-made dishes is real and expanding.

Reporter: Baizhentang invested 130 million yuan to make an intelligent workshop in 2018, how did this determination come about? Did you predict the wind outlet in advance?

Dai Chenxu: It is mainly based on Baizhentang’s own development needs. This intelligent workshop should be said to be our second generation factory. The first generation of central kitchens was set up in 2000, mainly to solve the problem that we were making tonic stews at that time and needed a stable supply. By 2018, Baizhentang launched the Chenxi abalone rice series, which expanded rapidly that year, and more than 100 stores were rolled out across the country at once, which once again challenged our production capacity and ability to standardize production. At the same time, considering the difficulty of recruiting workers and the rising labor costs, he decided to invest heavily and directly design and build a smart factory “ahead”. At that time, as far as our subdivision industry is concerned, the intelligent workshop can be said to have no experience to draw on, compared to the 130 million yuan capital investment, in fact, it is more difficult for us to do what we want to do. The general equipment on the market cannot be used directly, all rely on our own little bit of research, communicate details with equipment manufacturers, and “make up” part of the production line.

Reporter: What kind of industrial chain composition does the pre-made vegetable industry have? Under the industry trend, what is the trend of industry development?

Dai Chenxu: From the perspective of the industrial chain, there are three links of raw materials, deep processing and sales, and each enterprise has its own strengths. Baizhentang is mainly engaged in deep processing, and has been deeply engaged in deep processing and production for more than 20 years, accumulating a lot of experience, and has certain competitiveness and advantages from the perspective of the product itself. Now, the whole industry is studying and thinking about the problem of “how to sell”, especially the retail end, through what channels to expand sales. We also try to expand from production to sales downstream, and have been practicing this exploration since 2018, including the layout of e-commerce from 2020, selling new categories with the help of Youzan and Weimob platforms, and also tried e-commerce live broadcasting, and launched the “bowl like a mother” brand in 2021, positioning “the price of Sha County, the decoration of KFC, the taste of mother”, there are currently 30 stores across the country. We are constantly innovating and exploring. In addition, from the demand side feedback to the production side, we plan to further develop some products that can be stored at room temperature, whether it is convenient for consumers to preserve, or conducive to reducing logistics costs, it is a development trend. This also puts forward higher requirements for processing technology under the same premise of taste and preservation.

Reporter: Enterprises invest more than 10 million yuan in scientific research every year, which is not a small amount, what do you think of this investment? For example, how do you view the successes and failures?

Dai Chenxu: In research, failure is the norm. If you invest 10 million yuan and require how much economic return there is immediately, this is not scientific research. Therefore, our R&D system is divided into two parts, one is the product center, which is to develop products that can be put to market quickly; The other piece comes out alone for front-end research, and there may be a long way to go before it is put into production. The reason why we want to invest in such research is to be “ahead” in order to make ourselves more possibilities in the general direction of focus.


The “beauty” of Baizhentang lies in “being a little ahead”

The impression of “beauty” left by Baizhentang is a kind of innovative and upward vitality.

The main colors of the office area are orange and white, the employees are young, and the dress looks like they are in an Internet company. During the interview with Dai Chenxu, some employees came in to discuss the issue of product packaging materials, and the communication was efficient and simple.

When visiting the product center and research institute, a group of R & D personnel wearing “white coats” just had to leave work at noon, talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was very pleasant. Judging from the profiles on the wall, each has their own research expertise.

Behind these appearances and the data on innovation investment is deeply rooted in the company’s innovation-driven cultural DNA. “Innovation determines how high we can fly” and “technology is profit”, such a kind of admiration for technology and innovation can be seen everywhere in all corners of the enterprise.

The food industry has never been a “big” industry in Wenzhou. Now, Baizhentang has finally ushered in the industry outlet of pre-made dishes. It adheres to continuous innovation and uses every “one point ahead” to win a higher starting point for itself and a greater confidence for trial and error.

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