BMW mini out of the garage, the owner helped the cleaner to top out the trash can, netizens praised

After buying a new car, every owner cherishes it very much, and usually when driving on the road, he will be careful, for fear of any small scratches on the car. Some car owners have a good heart and will do their best to help when they see others in trouble after buying a new car, preferring to risk scratching their bodies.

Someone filmed a video of a white BMW mini coming out of the garage when a cleaner pushed a garbage truck out of the garage. The uphill section in front of the garage door is steep, and the cleaner is particularly laborious when pushing the garbage truck up. The owner of the BMW mini wanted to help the cleaner, so he said to the cleaner’s aunt that you stand next to me, and I drove up with the garbage truck on my head.

The BMW mini drove slowly against the garbage truck and quickly walked out of this section of the garage exit, and the cleaner was very touched and stood by to thank him. Attentive netizens found that this white BMW mini has not yet put up a license plate, and there is a temporary license plate on the center console of the vehicle, it seems that this BMW mini is a new car, which may have just been bought for less than a week.

Every owner who bought a new car cherished it very much, and this BMW owner should also be a car lover, but in order to help the cleaner push the trash can out of the garage, the owner is not worried about his car being scratched by the trash can. Many netizens said that this BMW owner is really kind, and BMW owners must be known for doing good deeds.

The BMW owner said that he saw the cleaner pushing the garbage truck uphill with more difficulty, and did not think too much, so he wanted to help her, and he used the roof of the car to carry the garbage can uphill. Afterwards, the BMW owner was worried that the hood and bumper were scratched by the trash can, and he took a special look and found that there were no scratches and the BMW owner was relieved, it seems that the BMW owner is really a kind person.

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