Wedding Preparation Tips Wedding preparation precautions

In China, wedding banquets are in an important position of weddings, and many of the wedding processes are carried out during wedding banquets. Therefore, the couple must prepare their wedding banquet well.

Wedding preparation tips

1。 Make a chart of seats

In order to make the wedding appear orderly, it is recommended that you accurately count the number and names of guests, make a seating chart before the wedding, and place it in the welcome area leading to the guest seat, with the name of the guest and the number of the table on the map, so that the guests can quickly find their seats, and you need to arrange 1 friend who is familiar with you as the usher, so that the guests are much more relaxed when they are seated, and give the guests the feeling that you value them very much.

2。 Pay attention to the distance between the table and the aisle

No matter how the couple sets up the table, be sure to consider the route they take when entering. If you want to roll out red carpets and roadguides, leave enough distance between tables to carpet them. It is best not to press the chair against the carpet, because when the guest is seated, the chair will move back, and the red carpet may be pressed more, so that the carpet can walk through.

3。 Consider the photographer’s location

The main table should be placed closest to the front of the stage, but it is best to consider the position where the wedding videographer stands. Because during the wedding, the best position for the cameraman to stand is 4-6 meters directly opposite the stage. This position ensures that the photographer gets the best shot. If there is no distance to consider the position of the cameraman, and it has to be placed like this, the cameraman can only stand behind or next to the wine table, shooting at the wine table, and the video shot is full of human heads, wine bottles, and vegetable plates at close range, and at the far end is a new person on the stage. Standing next to the side to shoot, the video is always in a sideways position, there is no way to have a positive image. If newcomers want to set the main table in this way, it is best to be mentally prepared for the later effect is not good.

4。 Make table cards and name tags

Seat names should be placed on the main table of the wedding banquet, and other tables may not be placed. But if your wedding is large and relatively formal, it is recommended that you also make a name signature to prevent confusion caused by too many guests and to make it easier for guests to get to know each other.

5。 Arrange children’s seats appropriately

If you have a large number of children among your guests, it is recommended that you arrange a concentration area for children and their parents, so that the children can not only play together without disturbing other guests, but also make it easier to deliver suitable dishes and meals for children. During the hours-long wedding banquet, naughty children will not stay in their seats all the time, and need to enter and exit the bathroom or outdoor space frequently, so the seats with children should be as close to the exit as possible, which is convenient to enter and exit, and will not affect the progress of the wedding. If the venue or hotel can provide small children’s play facilities, some seats can also be arranged near the facilities to facilitate parents to monitor their children who are playing.

The above is the wedding banquet preparation tips and wedding preparation precautions brought by Xiaobian to everyone, I hope it can help you.

Wedding preparation tips

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