FENDI “Old Flower” shaped men’s light travel equipment vintage bags and bags “soft and hard”

FENDI launched the Fendi Classic series of men’s travel bags designed with the FF logo “old flower” pattern as the main axis, creating a taste of men’s small travel light equipment.

The classic logo printing trend of the brand known as “old flowers” in the fashion circle is crowded, one by one under the pen of various creative directors, the “old” taste is washed out of modern modern tones, such as the FF logo pattern of Italian boutique FENDI full of brand DNA, just in this autumn and winter men’s wear collection, the new evolution of the FENDI Classic series of bag accessories, with practical and matching design, to meet the needs of modern men for travel, business trips and daily outings.

FENDI embarks on a new journey with the launch of the FENDI Classic collection, which is both practical and easy to match, to meet the mobility needs of FENDI men. Branded offered

The FENDI Classic collection includes suitcases, travel bags, hard-shell suitcases, as well as Baguette Travel hard-shell bags, Baguette briefcases, as well as a variety of storage bags, clutches and dressing bags, which can be stored in suitcases to make the collection more complete; FF Logo jacquard fabrics are available in tobacco and brown, black and gray versions, and are made of smooth high-grade leather in beige, showing the brand’s leather goods production technology and contemporary timeless design creativity.

FENDI Classic series FF Logo pulley lever cabin case, retro and modern appearance, 98,000 yuan. Branded offered

FENDI Classic series FF Logo pulley lever cabin case, black with gray and other color matching version of FF Logo jacquard fabric with leather trim, 98,000 yuan.

The suitcase is a semi-rigid trolley cabin case, with a retro and modern appearance, decorated with leather plaque details on the front, and the handlebars of the trolley are also covered with leather, which is soft and textured to the touch; The box is equipped with 4 rollers with the FF logo, and the contents of the box are also spacious for storage, and the nylon slide design allows the items to be stored in an orderly and safe manner. The other hard-shell suitcase, taken from the brand’s archives, features a soft case-shaped body topped with sturdy leather at the sides for a contemporary structural design in a classic silhouette with O’Lock-shaped magnetic fastenings and straps at the opening

FENDI Classic series hard shell hand luggage, 198,000 yuan. Branded offered

The handbag has the Peekaboo ISeeU Forty8, a new member of the Peekaboo ISeeU family, which can be used as a 2-day-one-night travel bag, with a stiff and square appearance, retaining the twist head lock and the classic details of Peekaboo ISeeU, and a flat lightweight handle and zip closure design, which is more convenient and elegant to use, suitable for 48-hour light travel on weekends.

FENDI Classic Peekaboo ISeeU Forty8 travel bag, suitable for weekend 48-hour light travel, not priced. Branded offered

The styles that extend the classic Baguette bag details to the FENDI Classic series include Baguette Trunk shoulder bags, Baguette Travel briefcases, magnetic buckle locks, short handle design, easy to open and close and easy to use by hand, and the overall style has a fashionable retro tone.

FENDI Classic Baguette Travel briefcase, 106,000 yuan. Branded offered

FENDI Classic series bowling bag, 52,000 yuan. Branded offered

FENDI Classic clutch, 49,000 yuan. Branded offered

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