What is the difference between a wall breaking machine and a juicer? How to choose a wall breaking machine? It’s enough to read this!

How many people like the dean, like to drink a glass of fresh fruit or hot soy milk at home? Such a simple thing can add a sense of happiness in life.

However, as the living standards are getting higher and higher, the juicer and soymilk machine obviously cannot meet people’s needs, so everyone is popular to buy

Wall -breaking machine


Recently, there have been several fans consulting the dean. Now there are so many styles of wall breaking machines. Which one is better to buy? Hee hee, take advantage of today’s April Fool’s Day, the dean will talk to you,

How to choose the authentic wall breaking machine

Don’t be fooled by the merchant ~

The difference between the wall breaking machine and the juicer

The wall breaking machine is 5 times more expensive than the juicer. Why are there so many people who buy it? That’s because the function of the wall breaking machine is much stronger than the juicer!

The juicer generally uses a rotating knife to break the fruits and vegetables, and needs to be added to form fruit juice.

Because the speed is limited, there will be a lot of juice squeezed like this


The taste is poor and it needs to be filtered separately, which is very troublesome.

The wall breaking machine is high, imitating the teeth of the fish, the speed of seconds

Broken plant cell wall

, All the food squeezed (not only limited to fruits)



No need to add water

, Keeping the original nutrition of food and promoting the digestion of the stomach is very good for human health.

In addition, it is still set

Jr. juicer+mixer+soymilk machine+cooking machine

Kitchen artifact in one, with

Heating function

Many great gods like to use it to cook a variety of foods ~

How to choose a wall breaking machine?

The wall -breaking machine on the market ranges hundreds of dollars to several thousand yuan. The price is very different, and the functions are also diverse. How do you choose?

In fact, you can basically pay attention to a few parameters:

Speed, menu function, mute effect, safety

The larger the wall breaking machine, the more delicate the juice squeezed, but the more noise is at the same time, so the two must take into account both balance.

Speed ​​reaches

25000 rpm/minute

The wall breaking machine can generally meet the delicate needs of the taste, and the noise is as low as

70 decibels

In the following, we can ensure that we do not affect our daily rest.

The menu function depends on your own needs to choose, basically

7, 8

It’s enough to use it. Safety is basic

Anti -overflow, automatic power off

Wulingy, avoid confusion and accidents.

Wall breaking machine recommendation

Following the principles mentioned above, the dean went to see dozens of wall breaking machines and sorted out different prices. It is worth recommending 12 wall breaking machines for you. When you buy, please refer to it ~

1. Low price

Complete functions, the speed of speed is basically reached the requirements of the wall breaking machine, and the cost performance is high, which can meet the needs of ordinary families.

2. Middle price

The speed is higher, the juice is more delicate, the mute is relatively good, it is suitable for the foodies who have the requirements for the taste and the family with a baby ~

3. High price

High speed, large capacity, many functions, meet commercial standards, the kitchen gods are worth entering!

For the dean, I prefer to choose

1000 yuan

The left and right wall breaking machine, because I prefer a smooth and delicate taste, I don’t know which one you will choose? Or do you recommend better? You can leave a message to tell the dean ~


Product Recommendation: blender juicer mixer

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