As a long-term person living in Guangzhou, the most envious of sugar is not the fourth quarter of the north, nor is heating in winter, but is always dry forever, and there is no fear of moisture.

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Friends staying in the south know how difficult the wet weather in the south is. The clothes are not dried, even if there is a gentry taste; the quilt pillow also always feels wet; the walls and terrestrial exudation of a layer of water, even if the closed doors and windows are still improving; and the whole people feel It is sticky and thinks in northern settlement in minutes.

At this time, there is no dehumidifier that can’t go on. Today, let’s go ign the dehumidifier, which is right?

Air conditioning has dehumidification function,

Do you want to buy a dehumidifier?

Speaking of dehumidification, I believe many people are puzzled about this: Is the air conditioner not having a dehumidification? Also use a dedicated dehumidifier?

Need, especially small friends in the south.

The function of the air conditioner is mainly refrigerating and hot, dehumidification is just its attachment. Air conditioning needs to achieve the effect of dehumidification by continuously cooling, the lower the temperature, the better the dehumidification effect, so its power consumption is also. Moreover, it cannot be removed when the temperature reaches the set temperature.



The dehumidifier can be dehumidified between 5-35 ° C room temperature, in winter, in spring use

. When dehumidification, the machine is blown out is dry and warm air, not only will the temperature will slightly micrise the temperature.


The air conditioning position is fixed, and it cannot be moved at will. The dehumidification function is limited to a space, it is difficult to achieve the effect of dehumidification of the whole house.

The dehumidifier can be moved at will from different spaces.

It can take care of the kitchen and toilet of humidity.


The dehumidifier power consumption is only about one-fifth of air conditioning. To achieve the same dehumidification effect, the air conditioner will be more powerful.


If you often have a plum rainy season, return to the south of Nantian, sugar master recommends selecting a dehumidifier. If otherwise occasionally use dehumidification function, you can use the air conditioner with independent dehumidification.

What are the dehumidifiers?

The dehumidifier mainly has a condensative dehumidifier and a wheel dehumidifier.

Coagulant dehumidifier

The working principle of the condensing dehumidifier is to bring the moisture air pumping machine, drive the heat exchanger (evaporator and condenser) through the compressor, and collect the moisture in the air to the water to collect, and then the temperature and heat of the treatment In addition to the air discharge machine, this loop reduces the humidity in the indoor humidity.



The technology is mature, the price is low, and the energy saving is saved.


Large noise, low removing efficiency in low temperature environments

. In a low temperature environment, the evaporator end temperature is lower than room temperature, resulting in very easy frosting of its surface, once frost, and the work efficiency of the heat exchanger will greatly decrease. Therefore, the condensing dehumidifier is inefficient under low temperature and high humidity.

Runner dehumidifier

The wheel dehumidifier is a water vapor in the air by a constantly rotating hygroscopic die, and the heated high temperature dry air is subjected to the humidity on the turntable, and the high temperature wet air is reached by room temperature.

Not affected by environmental temperature humidity,

Can be used in the four seasons a year

Light weight, low noise

Energy consumption

Since there is no heat pump, heating air is completely relying on energy conversion. Second, the moisture absorption efficiency and reproduction efficiency are limited, so it

A relatively removal of moisture is much lower.

Technology has no condensing dehumidifier, so there is a small number of brands, and

The price is also expensive

If it is in winter, it is often necessary to dehumidify, it is recommended to select a wheel dehumidifier; if it is often destroyed in spring and summer, it is recommended to choose a condensing dehumidifier, more efficient, more energy saving.

What should I pay attention to in the dehumidifier?

Buy a dehumidifier, mainly see the moisture, power energy consumption, water tank size, noise, etc.


In addition to moisture content, the unit is liter / day (l / d), such as 14L / D, representing the moisture absorption of the dehumidifier one day. There are also (L / h) calculated by hours, multiplied by 24.


Is the wet amount be more and better? actually not,

The larger the humidity, the larger the noise and energy consumption, the more expensive price, and it is not necessary for home use.

When you see the parameters of the dehumidifier, there will be a humidity and nominal density.

In addition to moisture is generally referred to in the factory

Most of them will test the dehumidification amount of the dehumidifier at a relative humidity of 30 ° C, but each manufacturer’s test is different. Moreover, this test standard is high, and it is not worthy of the actual use, so the manufacturer is not possible when using the dehumidification capacity of the manufacturer.

Nominal divide moisture

It is a national standard, tested under a standard environment of 27 ° C and a relative humidity of 60%.


The environment of the test is closer to our actual use


This parameter is more suitable for use in different products.

The moisture is generally selected according to the area of ​​use.

At present, there is no clear reference standard in the national standard, and the scope of application is much different. According to netizens experience, you can refer to these two formulas to estimate applicable area:

1 divided by moisture by 0.6

2 Maximum single-room area ≤ daily removal amount (30 ° C, RH80%) * 2

| Only for reference


If you have a better calculation method, welcome to discuss in the comment area.

2. Power energy consumption

Power energy consumption mainly sees rated power, the larger the humidification amount, the greater the energy consumption. However, since the dehumidifier is different from the dehumidification capacity, there is still a relatively large difference in the moisture absorption amount of each level.

3. Water tank capacity

Water tank capacity is generally around 2L-8L,

If the single room in the family is 10m2 or more, it is recommended to purchase a dehumidifier above the water tank 5L.

If you use a bathroom or a floor-haul, you can directly purchase a dehumidifier of the drainage function directly without considering the water tank size.

4. Noise

The dehumidifier should be selected as much as possible, the sound and the normal speech are similar. The dehumidifier between decibels 40-50, the volume is similar to the electric fan. Like the refrigerator is about 45 decibels, the hood is around 60 decibels, you can refer to it.

But if you are more sensitive to the amount of sound, it is recommended to experience the sound of the in-humidity operation, whether it can withstand.

5. Wanjie wheel design

The purchase dehumidifier is best to choose the bottom of the tens of thousands of rounds, you can move the removing removal, or can be used in the bedroom or in the living room, bathroom, kitchen.

In addition to this, buy a dehumidifier as much as possible

Choose to have a regulatory air humidity function

In this way, you don’t have to dehumidify while humidify it. Set the humidity to a relative humidity of the body: 55-65%. The dehumidifier will automatically stop after reaching the set humidity.

It is possible to adjust the environmental humidity to a suitable humidity, which is also compared to energy saving.

Which of the owners is buying?

According to the budgetary selection:


You can consider buying foreign brands, such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, compressor quality;


You can consider buying domestic, a thousand five or so, will also use the pine compressor.

Within 1K:

You can choose the entry level of domestic brands.

The domestic brand of dehumidifier is integrated with German, more music letter, Pudao, Gree, beautiful. Foreign brands have Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Delong, Huihu, etc. (The following is the own model of the household, for reference only)

01. Pudeng G10

Maximum moisture: 10L / d

Nominal removal amount: 0.21kg / h

Water tank size: 1.8L

Noise: 45dB

Applicable area: 20-30m2

Papil decoration exchange group Guangzhou group friends @ 方 77 experience

I bought 10 liters daily, the water tank 1.8, apply 20-30 flat, I just smoke each space, I feel very good,

The sound is that it feels almost the same as ordinary electric fans.

. Water taking a space tank is about 1/3 to 1/2.

Friends useful for budget, small space and don’t mind

02. Mermetric ER-620E

Maximum moisture: 20L / d

Named moisture: 0.43kg / h

Water tank size: 5L

Noise: 46dB

Applicable area: 50m2

A pap-sugar decoration exchange group of Guangzhou group friends experience

The compressor is used by Gree, it is not bad.

The volume is similar to the fan, noise is within an acceptable range, does not affect

. Water tank size 5L,

No need to pour water

. It is also very convenient to use wheels to move to other rooms.

03. German DYD-T22A3

| A lid home app home owner @ 小 小 fat

Maximum moisture: 22L / d


Nominal removal amount: 0.53kg / h

Water tank size: 4.8L (also available drainage pipe)

Noise: 41dB

Applicable area: within 50m2

House owner @ 小 胖 的 种 草

The dehumidification effect is very obvious, and one hour is used in the living room (28 flat), the humidity is lowered from 68 to 55. The designs of the moisture tank in Germany is designed below the left side of the machine, and the water tank is more convenient.

Work sound than my home sweeping machine

(Stone T6)

A lot of sound

If you accept it, you can accept it, and I can accept the sound of the robot.

It is very simple to operate. Tips: When connecting the app, if it is a dual-band router (2.4GHz / 5GHz), switch to 2.4GHz can be successful!


The 22L dehumidifier used area is 45 flat, my home is 82 flat, the biggest space living room is only 28 flat, so it is completely enough for my family, and the current use is very satisfied.

04. Pudeng BOSS-PLUS

| A parent home app home owner @, etc. Mayden

Maximum moisture: 40L / d

Nominal removal amount: 1.04kg / h

Water tank size: 8L (also can also receive drainage)

Noise: 42dB

Applicable area: 100m2

House owners @ 妹 m m 种 种

It feels obviously to improve happiness. If you don’t have it, you will be able to feel the air dry. Recently, things that are not easily moldy, the dust is also clean.

There is a wheel, I usually use the bedroom, the living room is used.

Put it before going to bed in the bedroom and wet, sleep quilt is not so cold, the bed is also warm and warm (magical).

When the rainy weather is not dry, you can dry the clothes.


Unexpectedly, my body’s eczema is alleviated a lot.

I checked, except that the humidity of the air became related to the panasonie technology of the machine itself, it can suppress allergens in the air.

05. Gree DH40EH

| A parent home app home owner @ 老鱼! -9520D48B

Nominal removal amount: 1kg / h


Water tank size: 7L

Applicable area: 60-72m2

House owner @ 老鱼! -9520D48B breeding grass experience

Gree dehumidifier, dehumidifier in the rainy season, really feels super magic when it is full of water tanks, the most humidity last year reached 85%, and the dehumides returned to 60.

06. Mitsubishi MJ-E80CF-C

| A peony home app home owner @ a cute sugar powder


Maximum moisture: 14L / d

Water tank size: 3.8L

Noise: 37dB

Applicable area: within 40m2

House owner @ 一爱 的 种糖 种 种


The original indoor air humidity is 80%, and the dehumidifier is reduced to 64% after opening for 15 minutes. The work space is the living room, restaurant, walkway, kitchen, more than 30 square meters.

The sound of the machine is definitely, but I can accept this decibel (I still like some white noise), but instead is the sound of the internally deposited water, I have never used other dehumidifiers, so I can’t compare.

Generally, I will take a bath, I will move the dehumidifier to the toilet, and inhibit this file. I used to have a long mushroom in the bathroom’s toilet wall. I left a deep shadow, but

The disadvantage is that there is no wheel at the bottom of this machine.

Move to move it, it is quite heavy!

Overall, although this machine will not be used every day, it is very practical for me, which can increase the small appliance of happiness.

07. Mitsubishi MJ-E140AF-C

| A pap home app home owner @ 龙 龖 龘 哒 哒 哒

Maximum moisture: 25L / d


Water tank size: 4.7L

Noise: 39dB

Applicable area: within 80m2

House owner @ 龙龖龘 种 种 草 体


Mitsubishi moisturizer, expensive but very value. This year, Nanning returned to Nantian for half a year. Many small partner’s walls and ceilings were wet like water. Although my family is closed in the Nantian, there is no problem with the two barrels of water in the day. After returning to the past, I also stand up for a long time. When the air humidity exceeds the value I set, it will be automatically run, and I am not afraid of moldy!

08. Delong DD40P

| A lid home app home owner @ 古 月 木

Maximum wet amount: 40L


Water tank size: 7L (can be water pipe / pump pressure)

Noise: 53DB

Applicable area: 60-80m2

House owner @ 古 月 木 种 种 草

Dehumidification, dry clothes, purify the air, and love for some years.

Does your home use with dehumidifiers? Which one is it? is it useful? Welcome to share your experience in the comments and everyone ~


[1] knows: “What is the principle of dehumidifier? What is good brand? “

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Noise: 45dB

Maximum moisture: 40L / d

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