4 highlights of round stainless steel water tank

Round stainless steel water tanks are widely used in live water, fire protection systems, solar or air water supply systems of ordinary houses, commercial and residential buildings, institutions, hotels, residential communities, industrial and mining -produced enterprises, office buildings, living water, various circulating water, and various circulating water. Cooling water and hot water supply systems. The high -quality round stainless steel water tank has the following highlights:

(1) Light weight, low price

Round stainless steel water tank materials are unique plate hydraulic molding. Ultra -thin sheets of 0.4 ~ 1.0 mm can be used with board. The weight is only 20 ~ 30 % of the general steel plate, but the price is close to the average steel plate water tank. At the same time, it is easy to move and install, thereby reducing the load of the building.

(2) isolation effect

As a countermeasure of anti -freezing in the extremely cold area, it is easy to make 30mm to 100mm insulation in the same way.

(3) Do not rust

The manufacturing material fully reflects the absorption of sunlight on the sun, corrosion resistance, and has a life span of 50 years, and it is resistant to aging. The interior is no longer breeding algae, easy to drain, beautiful appearance, and always maintains clean water quality. The bottom supports galvanized steel, which is suitable for all uses.

(4) No leakage

The unique structural design adopts a full welding method, and the plate is welded with arc welding tungsten plates, which has excellent strength. The central rubber pads in the seal are omitted. Unlike the bolt structure, there is no secondary pollution, and there is no sealing to cause water leakage.

When we accept the cylindrical water tank, we should first observe whether the appearance inspection is rust or pollution. And after 24 hours of water full, whether the box deformation is obvious, and there is no leakage or leakage in the weld. These are very important. Our company’s round stainless steel water tank will definitely meet your needs, thank you for reading.

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