Cat and dog special space capsule, you are the most windy shit officer on your back

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For those who raise cats and dogs at home, they are neither reluctant nor restless to put their pets alone. If they take it out, they will run around and have all kinds of inconvenience. Pet backpack-U-PET space pet bag.

product description

U-PET was established in 2013. When its space cabin pet bags are made, when the cats go out, they seem to overlook the small humans on the road in the space, showing high cold temperament, and have been well received by many pets since launch.

This series of pet bags is very rich in style, with ordinary models, shoulder bags, handbags, and even travel box models to meet various needs.

Among them, the most practical is the space bags of the shoulders, including brown, red, green, and blue color to choose from. The most eye -catching design is that there is a hemisphere glass window on the back, so that pets that are installed in the backpack can see the outside world through this transparent window. It helps to soothe the tension of the cat in the closed space. Of course, if you think it is too eye -catching, you can also manually replace it with a general mesh cover.

In addition, the backpack has multiple stomachs and is made of non -toxic and clean materials. It meets the requirements of the International Aviation Transportation Association and can bring on the plane.

Taking U-PET backpacks as an example, Amazon is priced at $ 99 (about 640 yuan). If it is troublesome, Taobao purchases 780 yuan.

For those who love their cats, this little money is not a matter. The owner’s return rate will definitely increase a lot when you can make your own kitten out of domineering when going out. Of course, the focus is that the kitten of your family will be more comfortable when going out.

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