The types and advantages of lithium battery positive materials

At present, the positive electrode materials commonly used in lithium batteries are: lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate and ternary material. And they have their own advantages.

1. Lithium cobaltate (LICOO2)

Lithium cobaltate uses liquid -phase synthetic process, dissolves lithium salt and cobalt salt in polyvinyl alcohol and polyethylene glycol solution. Once the sieve is grinded, cobaltate is obtained.

The earliest commercialization of cobaltate is a very mature positive material. Its structure is relatively stable. The discharge platform is high, the capacity is high, the capacity is good, the circulation performance is good, and the synthesis process is simple.

2. Lithium manganate (limn2O4)

Lithium manganate is mainly produced by EMD and lithium carbonate, which is produced with additives, which are produced by mixing, firing, and later treatment. No wastewater exhaust gas is generated, and the powder in production can be recycled, so it has no effect on the environment.

Lithium manganate is low in cost, high safety, and easy to prepare because of abundant raw materials, which is an ideal positive electrode material.

3. Lithium iron phosphate (LIFEPO4)

Lithium iron phosphate is combined with carbon heat reduction and mechanical ball grinding, and uses lih2po4 and Fe2O3 as the raw material. After mixed with a certain amount of carbon, at a high -speed ball grinding at a high -speed ball without water ethanol medium, the dry front -drive body is protected by the gas protection of the air. It was made of 15 hours of sintering at 750 ° C.

Lithium iron phosphate does not contain harmful elements, environmental protection and pollution, very good safety, good discharge voltage, low cost, and long life.

4. Tricss material (li (nicomn) O2)/lithium nickel cobalt aluminum acid)

The main preparation methods of ternary lithium are solid -phase and solution. The solid phase method is divided into high temperature solid phase and acetate combustion method. The solution method mainly includes the solution-gel method, the common precipitation method, and the spray thermal solution method.

The advantages of ternary lithium and lithium cobaltate and lithium manganate have a large energy density and a relatively long life

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