The hottest decoration furniture in modern times, the wonderful experience of stainless steel screen brings you

The stainless steel screen is becoming more and more popular now, and each style can be highly consistent with different decoration styles.

The screen plays the role of partitioning room. It can not only be placed at the entrance door, but also can be placed in a proper position in the room. The room is separated into two independent spaces, so that the people in the room can not interfere with each other.A quiet atmosphere, at the same time, its placement can also play a role of covering. For places where sporadic sundries are stacked in the home, the screen can play a shame.

Titanium light luxury stainless steel screen

The screen can also beautify the living room. Before the screen side, a pot of green leaf viewing plants make people feel the quiet and warm of the living room.

Of course, the stainless steel screen can also be combined with the glass to make half of the hollow and half transparent glass. Changhong glass is also a more popular partition.

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