The cheeks start to grow spots, insist on these 4 methods, the spots are diluted every day, simple and easy to use

Maybe because I stayed up too much during overtime, the young cheeks began to grow faint spots. Even if you usually pay attention to hydration and whitening. But it is not easy to dilute the spots. But today I have a few techniques for you, and insisting that it will have a light spot.

1. Remove freckles with light spots

In order to make the skin on the face cleaner, you need to find a professional freckle/light spots that are suitable for you. The essence can be said to be the best in skin care products. The effect is powerful and the effect is concentrated. It will obvious the effect on the face.

2. Use a cleaning mask to lighten spotted spots

Many fairies know that they need to apply the water mask often, but do you know that cleaning the mask is also important. Cleaning mask can adsorb the excess oil and cosmetics residues in the pores of the skin. It also has a light spots for the spots that are just produced.

3. Freckles and frost light spots

Take a coin -sized freckle cream and place it in the palm of the palm, and then rub with both hands to make the freckle cream melted completely in the palm of your hand. Apply it evenly on the face and apply it in a circle to better absorb it.

4. Apply pearl powder to light spots

How can a girl who likes to apply a mask, how can there be a pearl powder mask. Because it contains multiple components, the effect of oil control and acne, removing blackheads, the effect of light spots and whitening is very good. Improve the color and spots on the face from the inside out.

If women work in a high -radiation environment for a long time, such as facing computers for a long time, it is difficult to avoid the growth of face spots. It is recommended to eat more anti -radiation fruits, such as small tomatoes.

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