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The skirt is a woman, a quiet afternoon tea time; a woman chooses a skirt, a symbol of the heart, and the attitude. Woman with a skirt, has a fashion secret.

As soon as the bright, the thin-grably skirt is swaying with the pace of the woman. In the four-time light shadow hierarchy, floating a vivid shadow.

Suitable color, skirt, pleated skirt, shirt, long skirt, umbrella skirt, big swing skirt, big swing skirt … bombing command, with its own faithful fans.

And mature middle-aged women are more rich


Tang as a baby. No matter how it is blessed, no matter how bloated, the outline of the dress can also step, secretly.

The inclusiveness is accommodated, and it is good to see, they often do not unify, difficult to distort, fluttering with the wanted skirts, more than 18,000 miles, more talking, playful.

So, how can middle-aged women wear a dress?




Woolen cloth? Share with daily set of body and dress, Luo Wei tells you the dress of the dress. Of course, no longer limit the middle-aged woman, any age can be drawn.

➝ Skeleton diagnosis method ~ body type ~ pick the dress

The skeletal diagnosis method wearing a day is based on


Level, a guiding dimension of the human body. Hold top view points compared to our well-known flat body knowledge.

And the dress is particularly emphasized




In order to wear the beauty of the graceful curve, showing generous elegance.

Based on this, it is very important to determine the suitable dress based on the bone diagnosis method. Let us review the main points of the diagnosis method:

Body according to each person

Bone ratio


Skeleton size

Muscle texture

Contour line

Trend, divided into

Straight, wavy, natural

Three kinds.

It is based on a person’s natural body skeleton

Line sensation




Different states exhibited.

The three types of skeletal focus is different. Natural integral skeletal joints are obvious, the skeleton is strong; the overall bones of the wavy are small, the muscles are obvious, the lines are curved; the center of gravity is in the upper body, from the side, see the body has a thickness, rich Three-dimensional.

So, the body is implemented to the middle-aged female blessing, the key to the selection of the dress is 4 points:


Gravity balance



Below, we will draw a detailed point by wearing an example.

First, the version of the dress is mainly loosened, but the details such as fabrics are not the same.

Natural type (left)

: Natural people, suitable for textured patterns, biased fabrics, and dress with flow lines designed. The whole must have dynamic, highlight the style.


Wave type (medium)

: The curve is obvious, the woman is full of body. Suitable for exquisite and delicate fabrics, high-grade significant sense, line contour bias, tone gear and generous.


Linear type (right)

: The straight line type is very easy to have a tiger’s wife on the back of the bear. The focus of the selection of the dress is weakened, the upper body, the adjustment ratio, reaches slim.



Shirt dress

When the neutral shirt plays a lot of sense, when it is pouring, when it is covered with the calf, it has a bottom gas with a gentle plate. It is not handsome soft, so it can refund, you can be very simple, becoming a wardrobe classic.

Linear type

: The neutral handsome lapel shirt skirt, the thin vertical stripe, the high-quality cotton, loose version, combined with the straight-line style, wearing special beauty.


: Replace the fabric of the shirt with a soft satin, the line outline is beautiful curve design, which is a special for wavy gentle women.


Natural type

: The same shirt, type, color, quality, profile emphasizes natural feeling, no exquisite care, with light blue twist texture, gaining unanimous collaboration.


: In addition to the dress, the matching sweater style is also different, please refine.


Satin dress

Spring and summer satin dress, light luxury gorgeous, noble atmosphere, her woman is full, is a mellow item for middle-aged women. I want them to be slightly thin, the secret is



Medium, easy and comfortable, aged youth, not old.

: This type of body is thin, the center of gravity is very suitable in the Satin dress in the Type A, the color is very bright blue, the atmospheric color color is the best curve design.

: The upper body is thick, the straight line shape of the bone is not necessarily a soft silk, as long as the material is smooth. E H-type loose version, slim black, with gray cardigan with white T-shirt, leisure is not lost.

: The same satin, dark blue texture-changing suspenders, very good to highlight the natural characteristics, with beige rough open shirt, coordinate the atmosphere.


Cotton and linen dress

Cotton linen is the exclusive fabric of natural body. With unique texture patterns, there is a rough natural property, skin-friendly, most people like it. So why do some people don’t look good? The reason is that


Suitable for ourselves of cotton linen.

: Spring and summer cotton and linen dress, you can try it, this is your benefits.

: Exquisite curve shape, not suitable for coarse cotton and linen fabrics. But what should I do if I want to wear this kind of dress? Weaken roughness and injection precision. For example, a wafer dress.

: Lili-style linear body, suitable for cotton and linen dress for cotton hard. There are thickness, contour, more beautiful.



Strap dress

Shuai’s strap dress, position the focus in the chest, waist, and put three. For different body, their choice points are different:

: The center of gravity is in the upper body, it needs to be weakened to be thin. Shading the veneer on the edge of the chest, just can modify the shortcomings of the body, improve the waist line, and make the proportion better. And the thick strap, sharing pressure, benefiting to be thin.

: The center of gravity is in the lower body, and the upper body is weak. Reduce the position of the end of the strap skirt, let it under the chest, the highest place above the waist, and then match the exquisite short sweater, adjust the whole body proportion, to achieve a thin effect.

: The uniform linear shape of the center of gravity is required to be harmonious. V collar with a skirt, with a long cardigan, distracting the center of gravity, and achieve coordination.


T-shirt dress

Round neck, is a t-shirt dress


Obvious sign. It is between home clothes and casual packages, and the overall style is liable, and the exquisite advanced is not stained. The selection points of different body types are as follows:

: Washed wavy wavy wavy, picking the heart of the T-shirt in the fabric. The delicate delicate fabric is the best style for the female design. Compass with exquisite cashmere cardigans, high-level.


: Leisure and handsome striped T-shirts, is a linear non-two choice.

: Suitable for natural T-shirt skirts, tips are fabrics. Avoid fine materials and bring some coarse muscle feelings. At the time of matching, emphasizing the upper body and create a thin effect.



Printed dress

In the spring, summer, all kinds of prints have been debuted. Exaggerate and boasting, bright and strong printing, more need to be selected.

: The color of printing and flowers are integrated, there is no obvious contrast comparison, it looks harmonious and natural, no one is trace. With the same color cardigan, the longitudinal line is drawn, and it is natural.

: Small floral, shallow small amount of bluff, gentle and elegant.


: 张 张 醒 对 对 对 印 印 印 印 对 对…………….. 明. 明 明.. 明 明. 明….

➝ ➝ 配 ~ adjustment, thin

Middle-aged woman in the body, wearing



Long dress

When you need to adjust the ratio, you need to achieve a thin effect. When the clothes itself is loose, match the adjustment ratio, becoming the top priority.

Long cardigan + long skirt

: Foreign length + internal longitudinal extension is thin, the elongate lines are significantly thin. The pink pink skirt in the Neiji, the exquisite beige cardigan shrinks the amount, in the elastic and improved, and the proportion is neutral.


A bright, a gas color color, full of elegant gestures.

Lace long skirt + brown cardigan

Although it is the same color, it is in the depth of the side. While high harmony, there is a contrasting contrast. A soft knit sweater, suitable for use belts to outline the curve, position high waist, highlight slime ratio.

Exquisite dark flower lace, low-key introversion, not extreme, suitable for the deviation of elegant women.

Cotton long skirt + cardigan


: The dark blue and light blue, a high-profile, a shallow, perfect portrayed a leisurely refined elegant woman. The comfortable blue cotton long skirt, creates a lumbar line with a highlighted loop belt, natively is to be slim.


White blue hit color cardigan, both refreshing, still calm, handskatry red bag, no flawless beauty.

Print dress + cardigan

: The stars are dotted and printed, and the amount is small, which means that it will be exaggerated to reduce, and the gentle gesture can be expressed. Choose the purple sweater cardigan cooperation, the age of life, with small contrast colors, is really amazing.

Leisure t-shirt long skirt


: The long and loose T-shirt skirt must be a cardigan to make


harmonious. Casual dark ripples are free to wear, and the shadows are longitudinally hierarchical, and it is very suitable for relaxing for walking home.

A large canvas shopping bag, sports baseball cap, strong scene feeling.

Skirts, especially loose long dress, the requirements for body types are higher than other items. Clear your own body advantages, you can effectively lead to avoid weaknesses. What are you talking about?

I hope that today’s share is a little inspiration to you!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.

I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!


If you have confusion, you can privately believe it, welcome to leave a message to discuss, we grow together on the road to become beautiful!





Linear type

Linear type

Linear type

Linear type

Linear type








Natural type

Natural type

Natural type


Natural type

Natural type

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