Do you want to install the dishwasher?

Put it up, but it has been like this for more than ten years. Buying thousands of dishwasher is a bit painful, and it feels a bit wasteful. I heard that it costs water and electricity.

Don’t pretend, look at the dishes shared by others, the effect of washing the dishes is bright and bright. It is the same as the new ones, and it can be sterilized. It seems convenient to use it. It can also make yourself lazy.

I believe many people are like me, and there are these tangles and contradictions. Until I have used the old colleague who had used the dishwasher for three years, I said a word–

If you are willing to go back to work overtime every day and wash the dishes, and soak your hands in the water in winter, then don’t buy a dishwasher; if you are unwilling to wash the dishes, you want to be lazy, you can buy it. Essence

This sentence can be described as awakened people in the dream!

How can people who are lazy cancer like me and have no money to ask nanny, how can they wash their own dishes by themselves, let alone soak my hands in winter! So the end result is obvious -I have a dishwasher.

It was also after I experienced it in person that I found that the dishwasher is really a must -have product to improve happiness. Our awareness of the dishwasher does have some deviations and misunderstandings.

01 Is the dishwasher washing the dishwashing the dishwashing effect true or false?

Many friends are most worried about whether the dishes were washing the dishes is true or false. The bright glass and white and white dishes are really doubtful whether it is a special effect.

However, as a person who joined the dishwasher circle, I want to say that the dishwasher was washed really clean! It’s the kind of cleanliness that exclaims “牛 是 是”!

I used to wash the glass that was not washed in hand. Now every time I take it out, it is crystal clear, and the chopsticks are clean and tidy. There is no water. The quality of quality can never be given to you by hand.

Moreover, whether it is the tableware that is cleaned in time or putting it for a long time, it can be cleaned very clean.

Because the working principle of the dishwasher is to rinse the tableware through high temperature and high pressure water flow.

High temperature can dissolve the oil and softened hard blocks on the tableware, and high pressure can remove all softened hard block stains. After repeated rinse, the tableware can be cleaned as before! Finally, the dishwasher will also dry the tableware to achieve the effect of crystal clear and water -free!

In short, clean! Very clean! Very clean!

02 dishwasher fees water and electricity?

At the beginning of the article, one of the reasons I was struggling was to hear that the dishwasher cost water and electricity. Note, I heard! (Anyway, say the same on the Internet)

However, after I actually used it, I found that this is all rumors! I put the dishes and chopsticks every morning after eating, and I will go home at night to put the breakfast tableware, the glass lunch box at noon, and the dishes at night in the dishwasher. How many. As for the amount of water, it is even more appreciated. After all, when paying the water fee, money is a lot less than before.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, the dishwasher really does not cost water and electricity. In addition, I also found the test data from China Grid, everyone knew at a glance.

Picture source: China Grid WeChat public account

According to the actual test of the China Home Grid, most of the water consumption of the dishwasher is about 13L (about 7 large bottles of Cola), and the water consumption in the normal mode will be reduced by half, about 7L (3 large bottles of Cola). Therefore, in the case of the same tableware, machine washing is more water -saving than hand washing.

As for the cost of electricity, according to the test of the China Home Grid, it only costs 0.54 yuan at a time, and it will not increase much electricity bills in a month.

This is why I said, “The monthly power consumption has not increased, but the water costs are really less.”

03 dishwasher installation items

The installation of the dishwasher is also a problem that many people pay attention to. The decoration of the new house is okay. You only need to reserve the space for installation. The renovation of the old house is more troublesome. It involves the distribution of space and the construction of waterway pipelines.

but! Consumers are God! This stuff is a matter of installation master, we don’t need to consider it! Hahaha!

You just need to ensure that your space can be installed with a dishwasher. After arriving, you can directly contact the master’s master to make a master’s home installation. All you need to do is to “supervise” next to the side, and make some decisions with the master. That’s OK!

You don’t need to do it!

04 Buy dishwasher

The most important principle of buying dishwasher is -how big you can buy!

At present, the hot -selling models on the market are generally about 13 sets, mostly embedded dishwashers or unique dishwashers. This machine generally meets the washing needs of a large amount of tableware, or a small amount of tableware+potware+potware. Washing demand.

If you want to solve all the problems at a time, then choose 16 sets of models directly. At present, there are many large -name dishwasher with a capacity of 16 sets, which can solve a large number of tableware and pots at the same time.

If you are the old house reconstruction, then the sink -type dishwasher may be more suitable for you. You only need to replace the original dual -slot to the sink dishwasher. The disadvantage is that the capacity is small. Generally, it is about 4-6 sets. It is okay to wash the dishes, but the pot is not very good.

If you are a rental party, you can choose a desktop washing machine directly. You can use it on the table and you can take it away. The disadvantage is that the capacity is small, generally about 4 sets, but it is usually enough for the rental party.

All in all, great justice! Be big as you can!

05 conclusion

Many times the things that come from “heard” are not necessarily true. The dishwasher is a typical example. I believe that many people are like me. They are deceived by the rumors of “heard” and dare not buy dishwasher, so I share my experience with everyone and break those rumors.

There may be a bumper to lift the bar, saying that the dishwashing machine costs time, but what does the meal washing the dishes have something to do with me?

I just need to put the tableware in it. Like it used to put it in the pool, but I could n’t wash it automatically in the pool, and I could wash it as a new dishwasher. When the machine works, I can read books and entertainment. There is no need to take it out after washing. The machine is dry and inhibitory, and there is no problem in putting it all night. Continue to use it the next day.

The dishwasher is really a must -have product for improving the happiness of life. As those sections on the Internet say, dishwashing functions allow couples to no longer quarrel with the dishes. Although it sounds ridiculous, it is actually more real than Duanzi.

If you have such a tangled person, then you may wish to think about my old colleague: “


If you are willing to go back to work overtime every day and wash the dishes, and soak your hands in the water in winter, then don’t buy a dishwasher; if you are unwilling to wash the dishes, you want to be lazy, you can buy it. Essence

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