I believe that through the introduction of the previous issue, everyone should already choose the fish tank that suits them? Today, let’s talk about the selection of the most important equipment in aquarium breeding-the filtering system.

If you choose the finished product of the big brand, you can use its own filtering system with its own effort. However, if it is not a bottom filter system, I can be sure that everyone will not have to use the ability of the brand cylinder with insufficient filtering system, and it will not be able to raise a healthy and beautiful fish. Therefore, I suggest that if you buy a finished product super white cylinder, you must choose a large cylinder with a bottom filter system. Small -sized fish tanks still buy ultra -white naked tanks, and then it is better to match the follow -up system by itself.

A common bottom filter finished cylinder

The supporting bottom filter system of the brand fish tank above

The ultra -white naked tank manufactured by the factory

The common size parameters of the factory ultra -white nude cylinder. You can choose freely according to the actual situation. If the size is special, the general factory can customize non -standard size

The summary of the selection of fish tanks is here, and we will start talking about the filtering system below.

1. The role of the filter system

Everyone should have heard of such a sentence “Fish farming first”. Only in order to maintain a good state. What is “good water”? Do you open the tap water of the faucet, does it look clean? Indeed, the qualified tap water, mineral water, pure water, and well water look very clean, but these water is just “dead water”. Although it can feed the fish, it cannot be raised, and most of the real situation is to feed. It’s hard! Can these water be used for fish raising, can they only use the live water in mountains and lakes? of course not! It is true that mountain spring water and clean lake pond water are more suitable for fish farming, but most of us who live in the city do not dare to expect to get these live water every day. What we can get most convenient to get is tap water, so how to turn tap water into a “living water” suitable for fish farming? Then we have to rely on the protagonist we want to talk about-the filter system and its by-product-nitrifying bacteria.

The filter is an important part of the aquarium. Its role is to use the filter material in the filter to put the impurities in the water, the excrement of fish, the secretions of the fish, the rotten leaves of the water plants, the rotten leaves of the aquatic grass, and the water in the water The organic matter is filtered out. The nitrifying bacteria attached to the filter material can

Reduce the concentration of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite harmful to fish in water,


With this indicator of water adjustment, the water quality in the aquarium is stable, and the water quality in the aquarium is fresh and thorough, so that the water plants and tropical fish live in the aquarium like the ecological environment in the wild.


2. The types of filtering systems and their respective advantages and disadvantages


1) The upper filtering system (upper filter)

The upper filter is placed on the aquarium, the entire filter slot is exposed to the outside of the aquarium. The water is pulled out of the filter slot through the submersible pump, and then the water tube at the bottom of the filter slot is flowing back to the aquarium. Filter cotton, activated carbon, raw fossils, etc. The biggest advantage of the upper filter is that it is convenient for cleaning. When filtering material pollution, it can be easily removed for cleaning. The biggest disadvantage is that the volume is relatively large, and the space occupies is relatively large. During the period of fish breeding, because the water flow is relatively urgent, and the water absorption power of the water absorption pipe is high, it is easy to suck the small fish into the filter. Therefore, it is best not to use it in the breeding season of the fish. In addition, the upper filter is not suitable for the aquarium planting water plants. The water flow of the upper filter will reduce the retention time of carbon dioxide in the aquarium. At the same time Increasing will make the algae that likes oxygen grow a lot, affecting the ornamental effect of the aquarium.


Common and easiest to filter


This upper filter system and small -sized brand finished cylinder are standard. The effect can only be said that raising a few small fish is barely enough. If you want to match the filter, ignore it directly, don’t buy it, because it must be abandoned by yourself in the end.

This is the drip filter system in the upper filter. It is recommended to use it

The above is the superior student in the upper filter, the drip filter system, and you can buy different quantity filter boxes according to your own requirements. Simply put, the drip filter system is the enhanced version of ordinary filtration. Because there are many filter boxes, many filter materials can be placed. The effect is very good! Suitable for raising some fish that can eat and pull: large tropical fish, goldfish, koi, etc. However, it is recommended not to buy the transparent type of the filter box, buy a dark color filter box, because nitrifying bacteria are afraid of light!

It is best to buy the drip filter system of the dark filter box


The biggest disadvantage of the drip filter system is not good -looking, and the noise is a bit large (but it can also be adjusted to a smaller level, we will talk about it later), so the fish tank of the drip filter system should not be placed in the bedroom.

Typical waterfall filter

The waterfall filter is a kind of side filtration in the strict sense, but because it is also placed on the fish tank, I will classify it on the filtration. The advantages of the waterfall filter are cheap, relatively good -looking, small noise, and water flow can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that due to the small volume, the filtering effect is poor and unsatisfactory, basically it can only be a decoration. Of course, it also has a suitable scene. The waterfall filter suitable for small shrimp tanks and small grass tanks with two or three small light fish, which is also good; but for veterans, the biggest use is the supplement of other filter systems, especially It is a oil -absorbing membrane filter as a medium -sized grass tank, which is quite competent. Therefore, everyone must know that waterfall filtering is best not used alone, the effect is not good, and the effect is very good with other filter systems.

2) The bottom filtration system (common bottom cylinder filtering system)


The bottom cylinder is a glass tank lower than the main cylinder. It is generally placed in the bottom cabinet. It is connected to the main cylinder through the pipe. The water pump is used to circulate the water. The glass is divided into a few grids in the cylinder. Different settings of equipment and partitions can guide the water flow to flow through the filter or filter equipment in a form of “from top to bottom” or “from bottom to top”, respectively.

The filter material of the bottom filter is more hidden in the cabinet. Therefore, beautiful and generous are the most commonly used filtering methods for modern large and medium -sized fish tanks. The bottom filter is generally used in the water flowing method, including triangular overflow, four -corner overflow, round overflow, etc., and the filter cylinder is generally divided into 3 to 4 areas. Filtering, biochemical filtering and other occupation are similar.

Typical finished cylinder bottom cylinder filtering system

The bottom filter system is completely hidden in the bottom cabinet, which is very beautiful

The bottom filter system is suitable for the fish tank with a larger size with a large size. The filtering effect benefits from the large space of the large placing filter material, so it is relatively effective. Because it can be completely hidden in the bottom cabinet cabinet completely hidden in the bottom cabinet cabinet Middle, so it is also the most beautiful form. However, because the bottom filter system is relatively complicated, it is not suitable to install and connect many pipelines, so it is not suitable for everyone to install them. It is not completely impossible, or it is necessary to install a bottom filter system on a naked cylinder, which consumes a lot of energy and financial resources, which is not suitable. Therefore, if you want to choose the bottom filter system, it is best to buy a new fish tank in one step, either directly buy the fish tank of the big brand of the bottom filter system, or customize the tank of the bottom filter system in the factory! If you have already bought a naked cylinder, you do n’t need to toss the bottom filter. We can use the multi -layer drip system to match the filter barrel to achieve the same effect.

Factory Filtering System Fish Tank in the Factory


At present, the fish tanks of various size bottom filter systems customized by the fish tank factory are not worse than the big brand finished cylinder, and the thickness of the glass can be determined by itself. It can be used to use a thicker ultra -white glass to obtain higher security!


3) External filter barrel


At present, there are many finished filter barrels on the market. This is a closed -type filtration method. The filter material is distributed from top to bottom. The water pump is used to drive the water flow through each filter material to form a water filtration cycle. You can complete the filtering task. Its advantages are: small noise, small land, high filtration quality, and portable. The disadvantage is that the pipes can be seen outside. It is not beautiful and physical filtration is relatively simple and it is not easy to clean. The filter barrel is mainly used as a biochemical filter. The physical filtration capacity is limited. It is very suitable for the biochemical assistance of beautiful grass tanks, shrimp tanks or as other filter systems.

The most common external filter bucket

Star’s filtering bucket reputation has always been very good, and the price is also very high. Ordinary fish friends are enough. Of course, if the financial resources are strong, you can choose Yhan’s filter barrel and the inventor of the filter barrel, which can be said to be top -level equipment.

Ihan filter barrel

The price of Yhan filter barrels is relatively expensive, and according to the capacity, it is available from 600 to 3000. However, the price of star filter barrels with similar filtering effects must be a lot affectionate, from 300 to 800.


4) Other filter systems

In addition to the three common filtering systems introduced above, there are other various filters (

Qi lift, anti -gas lifting filter, side filter system, etc.)


, But there are not many people who use it, so I do n’t introduce it in detail. If everyone is interested, I can introduce it in the follow -up.

Well, this issue is introduced here about filtering first. Next, let’s summarize the selection of the filter system:

1. The bottom filter system is the best effect and the most beautiful. It is recommended to choose a fisherman with a large cylinder with a large cylinder of more than 1m at one time. If you choose it, it is best to choose the finished product tank of the big brand (Mianjiang, Sensen, Jiabao, Cai Butterfly, etc.) or directly find the factory store custom sleeve cylinder, add one to the recommended standard glass thickness, add one up to one up one up, The number will be a lot safer, and the size is at will, but the final price is not necessarily cheaper than buying a finished cylinder directly, which depends on the materials you choose. I originally set a set of tanks more expensive than the same size finished cylinder, but the real material is real, and it feels worthy of myself, because the money is spent where I can see it.

2. If you filter the system, in addition to being ugly (in fact, it is pretty good), there are still many advantages. If you want to cultivate large -scale tropical fish or goldfish koi, etc., you can directly choose a multi -tone filter up filter system. The effect is not much worse than the bottom filter system. If it matches the ultra -mute inverter pump, the noise can also be reduced to a very low. If you just raise a small fish, you can buy a drop filter first (if you don’t feel enough in the future, you can buy a few more boxes, one layer, one layer, it is very convenient).

3. If you filter the barrel, it is recommended to buy one. Whether you play the grass tank (mostly many people will not be seduced into the pit), the biochemical filtering ability of the filter barrel is still very good. Even if you just raise a few small fish, the filter bar can be used as a good auxiliary function. The key is that it is almost mute and the electricity bill can be ignored. The size of the filter barrel can be selected according to the actual situation, mainly to find a place to hide, otherwise it is really not good -looking. If you can’t find a place to hide, you can simply buy a small direct fish tank on the small waterfall.

Small filter tube is a large waterfall filter

Well, let’s talk about this first. In the next issue, we will discuss the soul of the filter: the selection and placement of the filter material, so stay tuned for the next issue!

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