Once, female artists liked to show their own airport shapes very much. It can be said that many female artists will use very careful shapes. Let yourself win a better display effect and get a certain topic at the airport. However, recently it seems that garage photos have become popular. As a place of parking, it seems that it can bring a special photo effect. Recently, Yang Chao’s garage was filmed. The retro stitching denim jackets and shorts were exquisite and three -dimensional, and their legs were slender.

As a girl idol, Yang Chaochao, from the fame of Rocket Girl 101 to a fire, is still a very personal characteristic. This shape girl is full of style, and the jacket of the denim stitching black fabrics looks very personal, in the sweetness, in the sweetness, in the sweetness, in the sweetness, in the sweetness, in the sweetness, in the sweetness, in the sweetness, Add a little handsome.

The short -sleeved design of the bubble sleeves is too personal. The short -sleeved and denim jackets are combined. This mix and match is too distinctive. Coupled with black shorts, flat college shoes, super cute beautiful girl.


The most eye -catching is the slender legs, and it seems that Yang Chao seemed to be thinner again. The silver belt buckle on the belt of the shorts becomes more eye -catching. The exquisiteness of the five officials also seems to be more and more prominent.

Looking at the other styles in the past, they are all very young girl’s sweetness. Beige sweater is inlaid with cute black bow, and with black high -waisted shorts, it seems that the whole person is extremely tall and the proportion is excellent.

The high -heeled sandals of the word further enhanced a high sense of tall; the double twist braids were pulled up, and the pink hair band was very cute. The sweet style looks quite suitable for Yang Chao, and has more and more personal characteristics.


Looking at this look, it is also very distinctive. Black and white contrasting shirts with black pleated leather skirts are delicate and cute, white high -heeled leather boots are fresh and refined, vivid youthful young girl style.

The black strap of the shirt is elegant and cute, and it is very fit with the entire style. The long floating straps of the shirt sleeve are also full of personality. In the fashion style of the women’s group, a pure feeling was added.


As a singer who came out of the hottest girl group, Yang Chao’s career today can be described as full flowers. She is not very outstanding in singing and dancing, but has been favored by film and television dramas, variety shows and brand endorsements. The more, the more he cooperated with the TV drama queen Sun Yan. It can be described as future, come on.

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