“One Piece”, as JUMP’s signature comics, has been very popular for more than 20 years, and has been loved by people. There are a large number of loyal fans in Japan and overseas. Many people believe that “One Piece” will end in the form of pure anime. This kind of thing will definitely not appear on this work.

After all, the superhuman ability like the devil fruit, once the special effects are not done well, the entire work will collapse. And such things such as real people destroy the original work have become the consensus of the circle. As a result, “One Piece” really announced the real humanization. As soon as the news came out, it shocked the entire fan circle.


This time, the realization will be produced by Net Fei and Tomorrow Studios. Oda also specially produces a statement of One Piece style, saying that it is full of confidence in this realization.

Net flight is the American streaming giant and the world’s largest toll video website. However, it can not only provide online leasing services for the film. In recent years, it has also entered the field of original drama production and strives to create its own original content. The number of daily drones it participated in production is gradually rising. Netflies’ release methods are different from domestic mainstream video platforms. As long as it is involved in production, it is basically released at one time. It is not necessary to wait for the update every week.

Tomorrow Studios has participated in the production of “Hannah” and “Snow Country Train”. This time, the two joined forces and invited Matt Owens and Marty Adlstein to write scripts.


It seems to be strong, but the real effect is still difficult to say, after all, there are few successful things such as real humanization. Like the European and American live -action version of “Dragon Ball” a few years ago, fans have already shouted. This time, “One Piece” is lively, and the rejected fans accounted for the majority.


Recently, the casting of “One Piece” has begun, and it has attracted much attention to whoever starred in the straw hat group. The five officials of Europeans and Asians are still very different. It is difficult to imagine what Luffy will look like blue eyes and big nose. Regarding the casting, many fans also started to vote for ideal candidates. Some directly started spoofing, especially Choba’s candidates, and were posted by a dog.


If the first season of the plot advances to Choba, most of them will be made with CG, so that a dog is too outrageous.


From “One Piece” in 17 years, it has decided to be real humanized. It has been formal in the formal casting now. It has been nearly three years in the middle. Recently, the shooting venue and starting time have also been determined.

The shooting venue was selected in Cape Town, South Africa, and was scheduled to start in September.

This time, realization has become an established fact. Even if fans are unwilling, there will be no changes. It can only be expected to not be lower than the level of time.

What do you think of this time to choose the realization of “One Piece”?

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