Beichuan traffic police post a reminder to the motorcycle to help you motorcycle to prevent theft

China Mianyang News Network (Li Yuanmei Li Bo reporter Xiang Jiang) “Dear, if I am a thief, your car has become my car at this time. Your car has hidden dangers. Device. I wish you all the way! “. Recently, this warm reminder has become popular among the motorcycle drivers in the streets of Beichuan.

The rural areas of Beichuanshan District are mainly motorcycles, and in recent years, theft of motorcycles in the past few years has shown a high incidence. The police of the Guancheng Police Station of the Beichuan Public Security Bureau comprehensively analyzed the characteristics of the case of theft of motorcycles and found that a large number of theft motorcycles were not installed and anti -theft devices were installed. As a result, the police made a warm reminder post, rushing to gather the sky in the evening, in the evening and late night, walking in the streets, the restaurants, tea buildings, markets around the market, and inspecting the dead corner of the street, found whether there are parking motorcycles, check the motorcycle, check the motorcycle, check the motorcycle. Whether the car is equipped with anti -theft locks and anti -theft devices, a warm reminder of the motorcycle with hidden safety hazards, reminding the careless driver to take care of his own property.

On July 12, Li Yuncheng, a villager in Lijiang Village, Zhicheng Town, said: “I played tea at the teahouse the night before, and went out to go home to ride a motorcycle. I was fortunate that the vehicle was not stolen. Raise the anti -theft. “

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about motorcycles anti theft lock, hope it can help you.

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