#What to wear today#






The dressing is always a top -streaming match for girls, because skirts can make girls show the overall charm.

Introduction to sex,

You can show the ladies to show some of the ladies through their own elegant style


Romantic atmosphere

This is an interpretation of the overall dress of skirts.

However, the choice of Gong Li in the dress is definitely the best

High -end choice

, You also let Gong Li show the temperament and temperament of Gong Li

No one to resist.

The dress of the skirt suddenly made Gong Li’s overall temperament high, but the style shown still seemed to be


Gong Li’s temperament is engraved on her body, the velvet hanging neck skirt with a cardigan, revealing underwear, it looks like


The combination of skirts and cardigans reflects some of the matching ones


However, by wearing a clever revealing the sense of vision of a hint of underwear, it also increased the overall

Great characteristics.

Gong Li wore a velvet hanging neck skirt like a lady, and the accessories of the accessories seemed to be quite advanced.

Wear the queen charm

Essence Relying on the high -level combination of individual items, the natural combination of combination allows Gong Li to show

Unparalleled aura

The faint sense of all products brings one to the overall style of the overall style

Advanced modification.

After the combination of combination, the high -level style of the collision came out makes the overall charm.

It looks even more atmospheric.

The single items selected by Gong Li in the choice of single products are all high -level sense

Very strong

First, first of all, a velvet skirt was designed with a pulp material to increase the overall increase

Soft and complicated

a feeling of.

The material of the velvet makes girls show some exclusive girls through superb softness.


, Easily pull your own style towards

Gentle wind,


Make the overall display style and temperament more full

Features of gentle and romantic.

In addition to the material of pulled the velvet, Gong Li emits Gong Li

Women’s glory

In addition, after using a golden belt to make a waist in the combination of matching, it showed


Very atmospheric


The waist of the golden belt gives the overall style to give the overall style a layer through the glittering color of the golden light

High -end atmosphere.

It reflects the girls through the display of the waist

Upper and lower body

The proportion of body figure can interpret the temperament and body advantage from two aspects

Very in place.

After the overall matching, the skirt was used to set up an elegant and romantic foundation for Gong Li, and then paired with a cardigan to make the overall display style full


Especially the cardigan design is mainly based on the style of the robe.


The temperament that Gong Li shows is more natural, and there is no strong style expression.

Be comfortable


Expressing Gong Li

High -level sense

, Let the overall style be displayed

More grade.

Fashion options for skirts

1. Sling embroidery skirt

The design method of putting on a hanging neck strap on the skirt makes the girls show very strong


Especially the characteristics of the camisole design make the charming display of girls

More sufficient

, With a large area of ​​blank white on the chest to outline a

The form of underwear,

The attractiveness reflected by the students is even more strong.

Especially after embroidery

Hand -made decoration

After that, the overall advanced level could not be blocked.

In addition to the camisole and embroidery, the overall

Style pull to advanced

In addition, when designing, a waist uses one

Hollow design

In the material of the tulle, the characteristics of the skin are revealed, so that girls can be more

Especially the skirt of the lower body also uses one

Split design

This can be allowed

Long legs

The advantages are displayed.


At the same time, the element of the combined hollow tulle has been added together

Overall temptation,

The style of the ladies came out

More charming


2. tube top spoil skirt


The dual design of the tube top and splitter, no matter which one is put in any skirt, it is definitely


The matching, let girls show it properly

Sexy Goddess of Sexy Goddess

Especially after the combination, it will show that the girls show the sexy style through the contrast of the upper and lower.

Set off on the upper body

It showed some figure through the design of the chest wrapped



After the moment I moved to the split, the goddesses showed long legs by exposing the exposure

Body advantage.

Although the tube top and spoil and spontaneity make the temptation of girls show very advanced

But this is all intuitive

Big -faced design

The design of the whole skirt on the details is also

Very advanced.

First of all, a rotation is formed by rotation

Rose design,

This shows the overall display


It will be more sufficient.

Especially the roses have added some to girls

The charm of intellectual elegance

, Make the overall beauty display

More delicate and natural

3. tulle print skirt

There is a whole suit when designing

notable characteristics,

That’s the shape of the tulle on the upper body

Two systems,

The displayed skirt is not so strong.

But reveal some of the upper body tulle

The effect of underwear,

Let the girls also reflect very much

Strong temptation

Let the overall charming wind have a grade, and show some of the colors of green

Feeling of vitality

, Make girls full of vitality.

The upper body let the girls reflect the endless

Temptation and vitality

, And the lower body uses one


Design of embroidery printing

This brings some of the girls

Advanced definition

However, embroidery printing is also based on green, which is the color of the upper body.

Formed a comparison

Let the girls show it out


Sense of vitality

More strong.

Vitality through advanced heel


Dual modification

, Let the overall skirt bring some girls

Gentle temperament.

The dressing of skirts can firmly grasp the hearts of the girls.

Absolute advantage.

So the skirt can be made through some designs

Clever combination

, Make girls show a improvement, which is also some of the skirts that can be adopted when wearing









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