#I like sweaters and sweaters, how to match it#


The weather is getting colder, sisters

turtleneck sweater

Should I arrange it!


Can almost match all kinds of autumn and winter jackets, and also take into account both

Keep warm




Essence But it is a very controversial product. For example, will we wear a high -necked sweater to show short necks? Is my face suitable for wearing high -necked sweaters? Wait.

In the final analysis, there is no

Choose the right style

, I will share with the sisters how to choose the one that suits them

, Let’s watch it together ~

Slim high -neck sweater

Suitable: long neck, small face shape


The most recommended is


It is the characteristic of visually shrinking body. And black is also special



Oh ~ ~


Collarless coat


It is actually very difficult in the selection, but it and

It is a good pair of CP. We can come to a dark color color, which looks very advanced.

Speaking of a collarless jacket, that

Small incense coat


On the list

“, The loose version and the turtleneck sweater just followed”

Outer pine

“The wear method is very thin.

How can you match the small fragrant breeze jacket? I’m outside the high collar






, Add a lot of color to the entire shape.

Sub –


Color and

Keep consistent, visually “

Set up

“The effect, the proper lady lady’s shape.

The third coat of the coat is

Lambskin jacket


The plush of the plush is particularly comfortable, and the version is also very loose, not to pick people.

The rice -white lamb hairy jacket and the black turtleneck sweater inside are classic

Black and white combination

It seems simple but very practical.

Silhouette turtleneck sweater


Suitable: small face shape

As long as your face is not particularly round, it is very suitable

Because you can hide your face into the high collar, there is a visual

Small face



This is a small high -necked sweater. The version is very loose and is friendly to all kinds of figures, especially suitable for meat girls.

I chose one next


Tight jeans

When you match together, you must remember to stuff the in front of the sweater, not only the finishing touch, but also optimize the body proportion.

Loose version and there are still


It can shrink the shoulders visually, and it is even thinner. Cool with a very cool

White trousers

, Sisters who like lazy fan can try.

When the cold air strikes, I can raise the collar like me to cover the small half face, which is very warm.

The collar of this turtleneck sweater is also silhouette, but the version is very slim, with a piece

Straight body skirt


The whole style is very ladylike.

Zipper/button high -neck sweater

Suitable: various face shapes

Both straight or silhouette of turtlenecks belong to the basic model. I like high -necked sweaters who like personality points. I strongly recommend it




And it is also suitable for various faces ~

The first thing to recommend is the turtleneck sweater of the buttons. All of them are kept warm and temperament. If it is unlocked, there is a retro flavor.


Make a loose version

Jiu Den Harun Pants

, Especially suitable for girls with slightly fat, very thin.

Horizontal stripe


Zipper design

It is my favorite dish. If you are hot indoors, you will open the neck zipper, not only cool, but also shows.


V -neck

is acceptable


The loose version also has long sleeves. When it is cold, it can shrink the hand to the inside. It is pretty high when it is paired with a sweater at the bottom of the sweater.

Packing collar tissue sweater


The turtleneck sweater is the same as the turtle turtleneck sweater.


Various faces

Essence When the round -faced girl is worn, remember to pull down the neckline a little, and it will look good to show a little neck.

It is best to wear a short pile collar sweater, as long as one is paired


High waist trousers

It can optimize the proportion of the body well, which is very high.

The rice -white pile of sweaters is very thin, but it is also the most suitable sweater for inside. The slightly slim version has a good modification of your body curve.

Put it with one

High -waist straight skirt

, Put the sweater into the skirt, instantly “

Short -term


“The body ratio, let’s try it.

Do you find a turtleneck sweater that suits you?

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turtleneck sweater

turtleneck sweater


turtleneck sweater


turtleneck sweater

turtleneck sweater



Slim high -neck sweater

Slim high -neck sweater

Silhouette turtleneck sweater

Small face

Suitable: various face shapes

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