“The newly bought car has not drove out of the 4S shop, and I found out the paint and scratches, which made me worry about the quality of the car.” Yesterday, Mr. Li, a citizen, told the WeChat News Hotline 88868886 (WeChat public account: WD88868886). The car purchase experience of a 4S shop in Wenzhou hopes to help defend rights through the media. In response, the person in charge of the 4S shop responded that the new car had signed a contract and purchased insurance and could not be returned. Under the mediation of the Longwan District Automobile Complaint Treatment Center that day, the two parties initially reached a compensation agreement.

The owner mentioned a new car, but found that there was a paint and scratch in November 2021. Mr. Li, a citizen, wanted to buy a new car as a new year gift for his wife in Sichuan hometown. After many inspections, Mr. Li finally chose a brand of a certain brand. On December 31, Mr. Li paid a car in the 4S shop and bought a car insurance through friends. When lifting the car, Mr. Li found that there were multiple scratches on the mud boards of the new car, and there was a problem of painting at the rear of the car. “The new car has a paint and scratches before leaving the 4S shop. I don’t know if there will be other problems in the future.” To this end, Mr. Li refused to collect the car on the spot and negotiated with the 4S shop to ask for a return vehicle. The staff of the 4S store said that Mr. Li had twice inspecting the vehicle that had not been found. Now the vehicle has completed the delivery procedures and cannot be returned. “Originally planned to drive back to Sichuan for the New Year, the new car gave his wife as a plan for the New Year’s gift. Since December last year, the new car has been stopped in the 4S shop, and the 4S shop has not contacted me to give a clear answer.” Li Mr. said, “Such a service attitude makes me feel that the 4S shop is a shop bullying.” 4S shop: The owner has inspected the vehicle and purchased insurance. People responded: “The maintenance and delivery of the new car in the 4S shop has a clear PDI inspection process, that is, the new car has regular and irregular inspections from the factory to the delivery of consumers. Those who use it with confidence. These processes have been checked all of this new car, and they can be guaranteed in terms of safety and performance. “For the request of disobeying Mr. Li to return the car, the person in charge explained:” On the morning of December 31, last year, Mr. Li Li Li, Mr. Li, After the car was delivered twice, the whole car inspection was performed twice, and the paint and scratches were not found. The car purchase contract was signed. The scratches and paint occurred. It may be that other customers who came to the exhibition hall in the afternoon accidentally accidentally accidentally accidentally followed the car. In this process, in the process, we have the responsibility of keeping and willing to give appropriate compensation, but have not reached the standard of refund and exchange vehicles. At the same time, Mr. Li purchased vehicle insurance through his friends, and the vehicle has been under Mr. Li. This situation. In the case, if the 4S shop agrees to return, the vehicle will become a used car and cannot be sold. “Longwan District Automobile Complaint Processing Center: Reaching the preliminary mediation agreement, then the reporter contacted Zhou Xiaoxia, a full -time complaint and mediation person in Longwan District Automobile Complaint Treatment Center. In this case, Zhou Xiaoxia expressed his understanding and repeatedly mediation before the Spring Festival. “Mr. Li also complained to the 4S shop of the Automobile 4S store in the Longwan District Automobile Complaint Treatment Center. The new car had scratches and paint problems. It was required to return the car. Give appropriate compensation. However, the two parties failed to reach a mediation agreement, so the case has been dragged without resolution. “Zhou Xiaoxia said that yesterday afternoon, after the mediation again, the two parties took one step back and reached a compensation of 2,000 yuan of oil cards and the two sides of the free vehicle to make paint paint paint paint paint Preliminary agreement. In this regard, Mr. Li expressed satisfaction.

Source: Handing on Wenzhou Client


Wendu reporter Li Weikang

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