For reading and writing lamps used by children and adolescents, the lamps with high display index should be used as much as possible. The general display index is greater than 80.If the desktop lamp with a low display index will lose the saturation in the eyes, it will easily cause the saturation loss of light, cause color distortion, easily cause visual fatigue, and may cause myopia.

Du Yuejun, deputy director of the Market Supervision Department of the General Administration of Market Supervision, said that parents should pay attention to five aspects when choosing to read and write table lamps for their children.① Select the product with complete logo.② Try to buy the uniformity of the photo illuminance to reach the A -level product.③ Avoid using naked LED light sources.④ Select according to the color temperature value marked on the product logo, and choose a table lamp product that does not exceed 4000K.⑤ When buying a table lamp, you should buy it on demand according to the use environment.

Source: China Youth Daily

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