Summer is here, and it is a good time to dry the beans again. The temperature of the temperature can be quickly dehydrated and the price of beans is cheaper.After drying, install it with fresh -keeping bags, freeze and save it in the refrigerator, and it is very convenient to eat and take it.

Difficulty: side dishes (intermediate)

Time: More than 1 hour

Main ingredient


2 pounds of cowpea

100g of salt

A small pot

1. Wash the tail of the beans hoe.


2. Boil a pot of water, put the salt in, and the bean horn is bullish water for two minutes.

3. Two days to expose it to the drying rack.The pictures are contrasting for one day and two days, respectively.

4. Tie into a small bundle, just.Steamed the bean horns, and the beans steamed meat is delicious.

Step of the practice of self -exposure without adding dry beans

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