Foli Co., Ltd. stopped in the critical period of growth in infants and young children, made wisdom and innovation, composed a new chapter, and in order to further run characteristics, achieve results, and create value in infant product circuit, Furi and Yuebao Garden made great efforts to create a building. The “universe is cotton” series of products, aiming to establish a skin barrier for Baoma and Goddess. To this end, Furi shares diligently explore and spare no effort to coordinate advantageous resources with Yuebao Garden. The series of product standards meet or exceed the standards of infant A.

The “cotton is cotton” series products are not only the gospel of sensitive muscle users, but also pursue the ultimate in the production process, material selection, and functional design. Full trouble, designated by the fluffy coil, quickly absorb water, and then choose Xinjiang Awati high -quality long velvet cotton, and to clear the boundaries with formaldehyde, fluorescent agent and carcinogenicide. “The series of products meet customer diversification needs.


This harsh pursuit also made the “universe is cotton” products from the launch of the market, which has attracted much attention and became a hot topic. It has attracted the attention and recommendation of many million fans fashion bloggers and fashion treasure moms. The great success of this time has a close relationship with Furi Co., Ltd. and the early layout.

Starlight does not ask the passers -by, and the years live up to the people. Fori shares were founded in 1987. In 2006, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was successfully listed and became the first listed company in the home textile industry. Harvesting in the cultivation, from the pursuit of the results of the Chinese, Furi shares work hard, move forward, and sneak in the history of history. First, the market share in Japan and the United States is the first.

Behind this achievement, there are both Fu Ren’s sweat and sweat every night, as well as Furi Co., Ltd.’s long -term conspiracy, focusing on the long -term deep layout. Yuebao Garden, who is holding hands in this time, currently expands 400+ centers worldwide and serves 1 million families. It has been deeply cultivated in the field of early education for many years. Create high -quality products with high quality, strong practicality, and consisting of customer needs. In addition to the “cotton is cotton” series of products, Furi also launched a series of top high -quality products such as the Dalo wild towels and the moving cotton antibacterial towels. With the unanimous praise from users, a characteristic road of Furi shares has been taken in the field of infant products, creating a full -scale high -quality product for infants to meet the growth needs of infants and young children.


“Inside Da Yu, the dance is long,” Furi shares continue to make efforts on the road of taking off, and label “green, healthy, sustainable” as a label to continuously consolidate their own strength and combine their advantages. This time, the strong acquisition of Yuebao Garden is a step forward in Furi. On this road, there is no end, only the way forward, it is the road of continuous dreams of Furites, and it is also the way to serve customers.

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