Oil control shampoo collection

What is the use of these oil control shampoos?

The most important thing when we use shampoo is: oil control oil control!

However, many shampoo has other advantages while controlling oil control

For example: dedue, fragrance, nourishing, smoothness, etc.

Choosing a suitable shampoo is still very important for us


But there are still many iron people who do not know much about the small knowledge of shampooing

Now I will make some simple popular science for everyone:

1 Washing your hair is not for a long time to use the same shampoo. It is good for long -term use that will form some component residues on your scalp, but the same shampoos can not be washed off. Some shampoos that are suitable for our current situation form a healthy cycle for our scalp

2 Too frequent shampooing has a great damage to the scalp, especially using a large scalp scalp, the more oil will be used, because the scalp is often due to the damage of the scalp stratum corneum. It forms a refreshing illusion, but it will be more and more easy

3 It is best not to choose from shampoo containing silicone oil. It will be residual on the scalp, which will make our hair more wash and easier.

4 Some iron men lose their hair and lose their hair. In fact, it is likely that the hair is too oily, so many shampoo will add some other ingredients while controlling oil to help us nourish hair and consolidate our roots.


So how to choose shampoo while controlling oil?

Just make a summary:

Oil control and dandruff:

Jieyequan shampoo, Haifei silk shampoo, L’Oreal shampoo, Schwarzkopf shampoo

Oil control and nourish:

VAVK shampoo, Heybro shampoo, Lu’s shampoo

Simple oil control:

Qingyang Shampoo, Adidas Shampoo, Romano Shampoo

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