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The cold winter, preparing the warm winter clothes for the child is what every mother will do. In Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, there is a group of volunteers called “Silk Capital Weaver”. They not only remember the warmth of their children, but also use their own pair of clever hands to go far and one line. Left -behind children in Sichuan, Guizhou and other places weave more than 10,000 “warm” scarves.

“I didn’t expect to raise 7 tons of clothes at the time”

On the afternoon of January 7, several “Silk Capital Weaver” sitting in the new era of Longqiao Village, Shengze Town, sat around with different colors. One exception is that the actions of each of them wearing red vests are serious and focused.

Few people know that the initiative of “Silk Capital” stems from a “post -90s” guy.

万条纯手织围巾温暖山区儿童 这座绸都有一群美丽“织女”

In 2014, a chance, Li Jiarui, a young man in Shandong Zaozhuang, who was only 21 years old, saw some left -behind children in Liangshan in Sichuan on the Internet. “At that time, I felt very distressed when I looked at it, so I thought about it, can I help them raise some clothes.” Li Jiarui said that after discussing with the three colleagues who were working in Shenghong Group, they contacted Shengze’s local 3 The school began a volunteer event for raising winter clothes for Liangshan left -behind children.

After the school initiated the raising initiative among the students, it received a warm response from the students. In just a few days, it raised 7 tons of old clothes.

“Although they are all old clothes, the quality is very good, and many parents have cleaned their clothes again.” Li Jiarui said that when the volunteer activity was launched, the effect of his raised effect was not the bottom, but he tried to try it, but he tried to try it. For the children in the mountainous area, “after all, it was the first volunteer event. At that time, I really did not expect to raise 7 tons of clothes.”

“Everyone pays for a wool by themselves”

7 tons of clothes are unrealistic, so Li Jiarui contacted a local logistics company.

“At that time, we calculated it a bit. According to the normal logistics price, 7 tons of clothes were given more than 5,000 yuan in the past, but that logistics company knew that we were doing volunteer activities and only received more than 3,000 yuan.” Li Jiarui said that Li Jiarui said The shipping cost was eventually undertaken by colleagues.

Although the logistics companies donated love and colleagues shared the freight, for Li Jiarui, which had only about 4,000 yuan in the month’s monthly income, the remaining half of the freight was still a lot of expenses.

Under the organization of Li Jiarui and colleagues, more and more volunteer activities they carried out, and the impact was increasing. In 2017, Li Jiarui and colleagues initiated the establishment of the Shengzawa Volunteer Association.

“In 2018, we began to organize the” Silk Dadu Weaver Woven “activity, calling on volunteers to use leisure time to weave a scarf for left -behind children in the mountains.” Li Jiarui said that after the event was launched, he received a warm response from volunteers. The dozens of woolen wool was used up quickly. “Our association has limited funds, but more and more volunteers registered, so later volunteers not only gave the spare time, but even the money for buying wool was made by ourselves. “

The cost of weaving a scarf is about 15 yuan, and since the “Silk Capital Weaving for Love” event, many volunteers have woven more than 100 or even more than 200 scarves.

“We posted more than 2,700 scarves to Gansu last year, and also sent a part of Ningxia and Guizhou. I also sent a lot to Sichuan and Yunnan before, and it has added more than 10,000 before and after.” The wool cost, the association volunteers have spent nearly 200,000 yuan.

“Seeing them around the scarf, my heart is warm”

Weaving a scarf, the skillful “Silk Du Weaving Girl” also costs about 3 hours, and then calculate the cost of the wool. Volunteers can be described as a lot, but when they see photos of the children around the scarf, all of them are all photos of the scarfs, all of which The dedication has become pride and joy.

Yu Guifen from Jiangxi is 35 years old. In 2020, when she heard that the association had such a volunteer activity, she immediately participated in it. “I am the mother of two children, so when I see the children’s thin clothes, I will feel very distressed.” Yu Guifen said.

When I first participated in this volunteer activity, Yu Guifen’s income was not stable. In many cases, the monthly income was about 4,000 yuan, and only about 2,000 yuan when I was small, but the “Silk Du Weizi Girl” who had been doing for less than two years. With more than 100 scarves, it costs nearly 2,000 yuan.

“Speaking of” time -consuming money “, but when I saw them around the scarf, my heart was warm, and I felt that everything was worth it.” Yu Guifen said that every time Li Jiarui returned from the mountain area, everyone would let him shoot the shooting. The photos were shared. “When we look at the scarves around the children, we will think about whether the scarf is woven. In fact, whether it is woven from or not, everyone is warm.”

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Xinhua Daily · Jiaojiao Reporter Zhou Chengyu

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