On the 5th day after the long holiday

Recall my holiday

I feel too difficult

Then, then, then

Go out and play

High speeds are car cars and cars

The attractions are all everyone

Go out to eat with friends

As a result, wait until crying

Make friends watching movies


Opening the ticket purchase software, but found that the opportunity not to give seat selection at all


This session of Zibo people want to realize the freedom of eating, drinking, and fun


At this moment

But there is a group of people sitting in a large shopping mall in Zibo

Conspirate a big event

Just after eleven, it was exposed

Ginza Phase II “First Anniversary



Start at a minus of 50 yuan over 100 yuan

Intersection Some products are sold for a special sale

Full return


, Brand special


Food benefits are non -stop, as low as 50 % off to eat barbecue!


The eyes can be recorded with an image

The recording pen heard in the ears can be included in

Can be passed on by food that can be tasted in the mouth

This discount can not come again.


It is wanton and chic

International cosmetics


The first anniversary of the opening of the second phase


Extreme roller skating stunt driving

Activity time: October 13th

Activity location: peripheral square


National Championship Champion Zhang Hekai Performance

Zhang Hekai, nickname, Superman Kai, age, 31, China Extreme Roller Skating National Team Captain, China SEBA Extreme Roller Skating Slide, has 18 years of career.

He has won two international championships, two Asian championships, and 28 national championships.


Warm upgrade!

Michael Kors is here!

Here is full of sincerity!

Beautiful autumn


Large -scale sale

Some products are as low as 30 %!


Autumn and Winter special benefits


Member enjoyment of 20 % off

Address: The middle hall on the first floor of the second phase


Activity time: 2019.10.12-2019.10.20

A pair of good shoes and good shows


Hashan/Cadina: 50 % off winter boots

Cozy/Bai Tiansen/Kangmei Poetry: Full 100 to deduct 50 yuan


Thousands of Baidu: starting at 699 yuan in the new winter boots, the price of the autumn single part is 399, 499

Yidan: 50 % off the new winter boots, 4 autumn single

Senior but not effortless beauty

Beastmaster/Bid King: Fur 20 % off, leather jackets 3.5 % off


San Nuoya: Forty coats up

Mrs. Fu: From 399 yuan

Hetai: From 699 yuan of sheep shear, it will be overcome from 1980 yuan

The most beautiful but bustling accompaniment


Z11: Special sale of 30 % off (10.12-10.15)

Bosideng: 50 % off for a down jacket for sale

Ou Ke: 3.8 % off for winter sale

Bishu Daifu: 10 % off on the basis of 50 % off

Taiping Bird: Two folds of some autumn models, 8.8 % off in the early winter

GOGIRL: Freshly deduct 50 yuan


The gentleman is independent and independent

Di Diber: Back to season special sale of 20 % off Renault: Special sale of 1-3 % off male eyes: the audience 3.9-4.9 % off Nine shepherd kings: limited edition set of 40 % off blue leopard: membership special event, 50 % off the audience, the audience 50 % off

Autumn Scenery Shadow Mengwa into the painting

LEVI’S童装:春夏三件7折,秋款8.5折;拉比:全场3.8折起;富罗迷:特卖鞋子69元起,童装109元起;JOJO:秋款两件7.5折,三件50 % off; NewBalance Children’s clothing: 50 % off in spring, 8.5 % off autumn models

Love Chao and Love Sports


Lee: 10 % off at the designated model; Lee Perak: 20 % off autumn; Cappa: Partial 50 % off; Homer: New Eli: New Eli Words; Coujun: Full 100 to 15/10; Jeep: Partial 100 Disatrous 30 Disdelina 30 ; Venice: Partial 100 off 40; big mouth monkeys, duckling ducks, Simpson: Partial 100 to 50

You say the taste of home

Mengjie’s 20th anniversary large -scale special sale; Sheng Bufan: part of 50 % off, grinding kit 599 yuan, 699 yuan; Fuanna: original price of 2380 yuan four -piece set, special price 980 yuan; original price 980 yuan wool quilt, special price 498 yuan


True Love Passing Book Fragrant Drifting

Zibo Ginza Book Donation Charity Activities

Time of fundraising: October 13, 2019 -October 27th

Organizer: Zibo Municipal Party Committee, Zibo Ginza Mall


Funding location: Zibo Ginza Mall (No. 128 Liuquan Road) on the first floor

Number of books: Volunteer principles, unlimited quantity, more beneficial

Loss from the book: The caring person who donates books can write “exclusive love message” on the love message card.


The bank is courteous



It is a restaurant surprise

Dear Bazaar girl

Grandma girl: recharge and gift activity plan


First, recharge 500 yuan and get 80 yuan. Xinjiang flavor San Ding, Bazaar Crystal Powder, stir -fry barbecue meat. Free gift. Second, recharge 1,000 yuan for 180 yuan. Shawan big plate chicken, Xinjiang grapes and Kanas green pepper fish. Free gift.

At first sight of meat and iron plates

Jiutian family: two -person set meal, including Heshowle shoulder, and cow chestnuts, beef bibimbap, large sauce soup, fungus platter, two small materials, the original price of 257, the current price is 119, not shared with other activities to share with other activities

Hotpot Dalu Hot Pot, which is put on the whole world: Come to the shop to scan the code to order 66 yuan to receive 66 yuan electronic coupons, no consumption threshold, do not share the same activities with other activities to keep the Sichuan flavor memory cottage: cash consumption over 100 chicken shredded noodles, a table of tables, one table Limited to one copy, not shared with other activities to be indescribable to the temptation of grilled fish


Half -day demon: You can receive a 20 yuan voucher at the store with WeChat, one table is limited to one, not shared with other activities

Put on a whitening coat for filling

Lihua dumplings: any dumpling+a small dish or drink, settle 5 yuan

Come and eat this happy rice noodle

Crossing the bridge edge rice noodles: a rice noodle plus a small dish, minus 5 yuan

Then, then, then

Then, then, then


Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn


Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn

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