Measures of diaphragm pump maintenance

The diaphragm pump has six major advantages: reliable quality, long service life, low noise, small vibration, never falling off, and fine workmanship. It can pump the flowing liquid and transport some difficult media. It has many advantages of self -suction pumps, submersible pumps, canned pumps, mud pumps, and impurities pumps. Although the performance of the pump itself is very good, maintenance in practical applications is very important, which is directly related to the service life of the diaphragm pump, so it cannot be ignored.

Micro monopolytic diaphragm pump

1. Installation and debugging:

Make the pump all close to the material to be transported. Minimize the length and number of accessories in the inhalation pipeline. Do not reduce the size of the inhalation tube. For the installation of the steel pipe, a short hose must be installed between the pump and the pipeline. Software can reduce the vibration and pressure of the system.

2. Qi valve lubrication:

The design of the air distribution valve and the directional diversion valve is designed to avoid lubrication. This is the preferred way of working. There are also personal preferences or air quality issues that need to lubricate and compressed air supply. The pump air system provides power from the appropriate lubricating compressed air supply. Proper lubrication needs to be used to use the tracheal lubricator.

Micro double -headed diaphragm pump

3. During the use process:

When the pump is used with some materials that are easily precipitated or solidified when stopping, each use should be washed to prevent damage. (After use, the remaining materials may become dry or precipitated, causing the re -start -ups and stop valve to fail.) When the temperature is very low, the water must be clean after each use.

4. Precautions for back pressure

When the pump is connected to the device, if the position of the device’s own storage tank is higher than the installation position of the pump, please note that the back pressure may cause damage to the pump. Power and squeezing can lead to a decrease in service life.

5. The aluminum alloy pump pump is driven by compressed air. Appropriate lubrication can make the pump work more stable and extend the service life.

6. Make sure that compressing air is clean. Unclean gas is easy to wear the air valve. It is recommended to install the three connections of aerodynamics.

7. The switch should be slowly turned on and closed to reduce the impact on pipelines and membranes. Before starting, check whether the pipeline connection is loose.

8. When transporting risk liquids, connect the exhaust port of the aluminum alloy pneumatic diaphragm pump to a safe place to avoid danger when the diaphragm is damaged.

9. After transporting a dry liquid, please clean it in time to avoid damaging the film or the next start of the start.

10. When the pipeline is long, the pipeline needs to be repaired, and the pump cannot be used to support the weight and vibration of the pipeline.

11. According to the actual usage, the aluminum alloy pneumatic pump should be maintained regularly to remove some debris to ensure the sealing performance.

Micro monopolytic diaphragm pump

Micro double -headed diaphragm pump

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