Converse Cross -border for perfume? I’m afraid it’s not a rubber flavor!

Mention Converse

I believe everyone thinks of canvas shoes first

And just released a while ago

Transparent rubber shoes

OFF-WHITE X Converse Chuck Taylor

Become the absolute king of popularity

However, in order to increase the brand awareness

Converse started playing cross -border

First of all, the list is launched in Japan recently




“Move on Fragrance”

Move on fragrance perfume

(Keke, this is not a charging treasure)

The flat bottle is equipped with

Converse iconic

Pentagram design

What is even more noticeable is

Bottle bottom

Use shoes

Rubber sole

There are 6 incense types in this series

Including flower fragrance chiffon, flower pulp, fruit flower fragrance,

Citrus cotton, cream vanilla and other fruits and flowers fragrant

Fresh and natural, suitable for daily use

White -pure soap flavor

Spray the feeling

Fresh and clean


Just bathe


That feeling is like meeting the first love

Color -Fruit Flower Fragrance

Fruit flavor light fragrance

It smells very comfortable and not greasy

Red -Flower Fragrant Permian Flavors

As the name suggests, the fragrance of the soft flower

More sweet and cute

Navy model -citrus fragrance

Both sweet and sour

The feeling of warmth and peace

More suitable for use in winter

Black Pentagon -Elegant Fragrant Food

The strong fragrance comes up

Gives a sense of maturity and stable

More suitable for use in late autumn

Black and white stripes -cream vanilla flavor

As soon as it is opened, it is the fresh fruit flavor in summer

There is a little sweet but not greasy


Package Design

Look at

The shape of this set of perfume is very Converse

Box with perfume

A box of cloth shoes is applied


Converse before

Also sneaked chocolate brand Minimal

Minimal-bean to bar chocolate

This time the joint model launched a total of two series

One is flat chocolate

The appearance looks more ordinary

It seems that the packaging is nothing special except for Converse logo

But in fact, in the other bag

It’s all star

Star -shaped chocolate

Very cute


Valentine’s Day present

It’s really right

The other is the combination of bottle fragments and Mark Cup

There are four models:

Leopard, gray, dark brown and white

The cup body has the iconic star logo of Converse

Leopard print is the most special

The other three colors are very simple Japanese.

Hair jewelry

This is March this year

To celebrate Converse Tokyo UMeda

Limited product on the first anniversary of the opening


Limited clothing bag outside

There are also various big hair clips

There are small stars embellishment

One word

It is a product that girls like to use everyday

Because it is convenient, it is quite popular

Hair rope and earrings

Especially earrings

Really super beautiful

All limited products

No exception contains the elements of the stars in it

I really think of the stars and think of Converse

Rain & Stationery

There is a choice of rain tools in the Krill official website of Japan

For example

Fold umbrella of candy color system

There is a sign of the Converse Classic canvas shoes in the lower right corner of the storage bag

The sealing rope is also printed with all star logo

Of course, if you don’t like the above folds above

And the following simple and atmospheric long -handle umbrella

The canvas shoes on the umbrella L

OGO is embroidered

Very delicate

Except for adult umbrella

And cute children’s umbrella

Colors and patterns are very rich

Full of childlike

And children’s clothing and raincoats can be selected

Height limits 1m-1m2

Do you want to go back to your childhood and try cute raincoats?

A set of stationery combinations sold by Converse official website

From left to right → stationery bag → signature stickers → rubber rubbing

This stuff is exactly the same as shoes

Also with shoe box

It is confirmed that it is rubber!

The above is some unique products of the Converse Japan branch line

Xiao Bian thinks whether it is selling some brands around

Still selling many canvas shoes derivatives

Du canvas shoes really become the symbol of Converse

(Thank you for appreciation!)

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