What is youth?

Some people say that youth is a memory, and some people say that youth is the kind of spirit.

It’s actually right, who doesn’t want to return to that green years? Young and vigorous, dare to love, and hate, hesitated and hesitant to do anything like people do now. Along with a family and room, with the precipitation of age, the kind of spirit that once had no longer existed.

However, in the last 1994, the old domestic domestic goods recovered with Xiaomi Youpin exclusively customized a “one -to -one” canvas shoes, which brought full memories and also caused Guo Chao youth to rise again.

As a part of the same nostalgia, the IDE0007 also experienced this force canvas shoes for the first time, so today I will share with you my experience of this shoe.

In terms of overall appearance, the rejuvenation custom canvas shoes use the classic design style of back force, mainly white, supplemented by color matching. There are currently two styles: red and black. I experience the black models this time. There are black elements on the rear heels and sides of the shoes. The shoelaces are also designed with black and white, and the visual effect is still very beautiful.

The more eye -catching is the four words behind. It is not forward, and it is written on the outside of the shoes. This is like a slogan, which is also a belief. Youth is about to go forward, as is the same brand.

Speaking of canvas shoes, back force is also an old brand, and it is also the leader of domestic and shoes. However, with the impact of various overseas shoe brands, young people have also begun to pursue “foreign brands” such as Adi Nike, but back force Always insist on making good products and insist on.

Just like this pair of shoes, the large glue bottom is full of elasticity. It uses vulcanization technology, wear -resistant and comfortable, and also lights up when walking, as if returning to youth. The flat -bottom design makes standing or walking very comfortable, and always feel like a flat ground.

As a pair of canvas shoes, the design of the fabric is naturally carefully selected. The fabric of custom -made canvas shoes is not hard, but soft and comfortable, and the breathability is also very good. Even if you wear summer, you will not feel sultry.

In terms of overall shoes, canvas shoes look longer, thinner than sneakers, and more popular with girls.

As a small white shoes, the rejuvenation custom canvas shoes are more fashionable and versatile. Whether it is barefoot, socks, or with various clothing, it is easy to compete without fear of any wear.

In fact, I still prefer canvas shoes than sneakers. Light and comfortable, there is no burden on walking, the whole is very relaxed. And many people have complexs for canvas shoes, and this pair of backup custom canvas shoes are also in line with the aesthetics and needs of such users.

Young youth should have been like this. Perhaps the road was bumpy, maybe the future was unknown, but what was going to be the spirit of hard work. Young people should have this kind of energy. Do not wait for people to feel for the years when they reach middle age. Just like this pair of reincarnation custom canvas shoes, although it is easy to dirty, it must be pure.

I like this pair of reincarnation custom canvas shoes. Perhaps I have the complex of supporting domestic goods, maybe the memories of youth, but in any case, I agree with this concept of “one without ahead”. In my memory, the first pair of backing sneakers that I have worn seems to be like this, maybe this is how youthful memories.

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