CCTV host Li Sisi is really fashionable, wearing denim shirts with chessboard pants, the ocean is angry

The items of denim fabrics are very useful for mature women, because many mature women want to pursue a sense of age when they are worn. In the process of pursuing a sense of age, try to use color matching with color matching. The bright bright color system is better to try to start on the fabric, use very classic and very practical denim fabrics. This casual denim fabric can be worn on the body and is both casual and comfortable. It can show a moderate age reduction.

Li Sisi’s styling analysis:

Denim shirt -casual and comfortable

CCTV host Li Sisi is really fashionable, wearing denim shirts with chessboard pants, and the ocean. Li Sisi wore a denim shirt. Although it is a denim fabric, the design of this shirt usually uses the design method of soft denim to present enough comfort. Therefore, it will not look very three -dimensional when wearing it. But comfort can be guaranteed.

Loose and hypertrophic -wear out of laziness

Li Sisi’s denim shirt on the style design uses a very loose style cutting method to present sufficient leisure and tolerance. The looseness and hypertrophy of this style of design can play a very good tolerance. Wearing mature women will show a moderate laziness.

Stacking and matching -increase layering

When Li Sisi was wearing this simple denim shirt, it was paired with a basic black high -necked bottom shirt. It used very basic and simple colors in the color matching of the inside and outside, and the open -wear method of the inner high collar and outside It can show a clear -level matching effect, full of three -dimensional sense.

Chessboard grid pants -dazzling and modified leg shape

Li Sisi is paired with a very eye -catching chessboard grid pants in the lower body. It uses a very classic black and white plaid design method to show a visual richness in the color design of the pants. The design is very loose. This moderate loose style design can play a very intuitive effect of modifying the leg shape.

Analysis of other styling of Li Sisi:

Color -colored tie dresses

Colorful dresses often wear the test of body, face value, and control ability. If any of them are not superior enough, they will not be controlled, but this colorful tie dress looks difficult to wear on Li Sisi’s body, but it looks difficult at all. No, a large area of ​​pink is paired with a small -area tie -dye element to decorate, which is both bright and not exaggerated.

White suit jacket+black suit pants

The classic black and white match will not be outdated no matter what time, the simple white suit jacket is very refreshing and clean in color design. With the sharp style tailoring method, it can play a practicality of the body. The lower body is based on the foundation. Black suit pants, simple and low -key and very capable.

Blue suit suit

The suit suit is the most common matching item for women in the workplace. This classic item is usually more dry and practical in style. Especially the classic shoulder pad design can make the figure look very upright. The dazzling blue design can show a bright visual sense.

Pink suit skirt set

Compared to the basic color, pink items will show more sweetness on the body. For mature women, this light pink will not be so difficult to control, and it can also show it. With the effect of moderate skin brightening, the pink suit top uses a classic style tailoring to present a sufficient sense of sharpness. The lower body with the same color skirt can ensure the harmony of color matching, and it can also be used by moderately loose skirts. Wear more femininity.

You can always believe in CCTV’s aesthetics. Whether it is the host of the previous generation Dong Qing or the host of this generation, Li Sisi is dignified and atmospheric. In addition to the inner beauty, the clothing is also great.

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In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about fashion denim shirt, hope it can help you.

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