If you use a European decorative style, your furniture should also be equipped with a European style, so that you can match each other, echo, will not let your home are particularly abrupt. Many people want to customize European bookcases, how to customize the European bookcase? The European style wardrobe looks very luxurious, but the European bookcase design features?

First, how to customize the European bookcase

欧式书柜怎么定制 欧式书柜设计特点有哪些

First, custom bookcases are designers to design bookcases according to consumers’ hobbies and living habits, custom bookcases generally have two processes, consumers to order, and then make up with the design, the designer’s door-to-door, according to the customer The size of the bookcase is placed in the design, and after the customer confirms that the designer submits the ordering scheme to the factory production, then install after the production is completed. Solutions include plate materials, and effects of rendering. Of course, the European bookcase customized the first choice of blogman solid wood custom experts. Bocam Bokman.com is China’s customized leading brand. National leading overall furniture direct sales network. It is also the leader of China’s furniture custom O2O parity concept! The concession of European bookcases is the reason for the home style. The traditional bookcase moves into the home often because the style is wrong, or the size is different, causing space waste or cannot be installed. Enter home and destroy the style of the whole home. However, the custom bookkeeper uses the characteristics of the scene size, fully considering the renovation style and spatial structure of the home, but not only increases the storage space of the bookcase, but the spatial utilization can also be greatly improved.

The biggest advantage of custom bookcases is to fully utilize effective space, design more user-friendly. It can be arbitrarily designed according to the needs of consumers, or add a circular arc, you can add a wine cabinet. For different hobby consumers, they can be combined according to their hobbies.

Second, what are the characteristics of European bookcase?

1, the European bookcase is paying attention to a feeling, the European bookcase in many people is a brilliant bookcase, in fact, the European bookcase has another artistic conception, and the above-mentioned European bookcase seems to be more heavy, can create us A very strong atmosphere, people who have history in their home, I like this bookcase.

2, rice white is also the classic color of the European bookcase. This bookcase is a traditional continent bookcase. The overall workmanship is more exquisite, it looks relaxed, less than the heavy feeling of the bookcase above, young people will like this bookcase. Indoor can become more elegant.

3, this bookcase looks very feeling very much, this European bookcase looks very much, it is simple, there is an elegant, there is a feeling of foreign foreign Taoyuan, now many people are in this environment, in this environment Quiet down and see the book, it is really a good enjoyment.

4. Of course, the European bookcase, is still less luxurious. It is a European bookcase with platinum design, and the air is very atmosphere. It is very comfortable with the European nobility. The feeling of the bookcase is also a comfortable, and the family population is more suitable.

How to customize the European bookcase? If you want to customize the European bookcase, find a brand of custom furniture directly, and the relevant staff will serve you. What are the design features of European bookcases? The European bookcases designed by different brands are different, and ordinary consumers should have to analyze them when they build European bookcases.

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