In July 2018, the Consumer Report released a test report of electric toothbrushes and hotel toothbrushes. The test results were not optimistic, and the problem of toothbrush grinding was more prominent. Many consumers are concerned about the safety of adults and children’s toothbrushes sold in supermarkets.

In August 2018, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission was tested on 50 toothbrushes (including 30 adult toothbrushes and 20 children’s toothbrushes) of mainstream brands such as Gaulujie, Jiajieshi, Lion King, Shuke, and Watsons on the market.

The test results found that there are sharp corners, burrs, etc. of the bristles of the two toothbrushes, especially

Toothbrush of dental Li Li children

If the hair is not qualified, it is easy to cause teeth and gum damage, which brings serious hidden health hazards to the oral development of young children.

Test brand

Gaoling Jie, Jiajie, Lion King, Shuke, Watsons, Sanxiao, Cold acid Spirit, Haole tooth, TESCO, Dr. Ya, Zhuyan, two -sided needles, frogs, Dantebo, Yakili, Sakura Yi Xue, Li Lanxiang, Leyi, Libi, Jianyekang, Little Life, Thailand Shuanglian, Dr. Bei, Polish, Huiyi Jian, Huiyi, Wu Qionghua, Do Clear, Lito Le, Shuke Baby, Music Lele, Music Lele, Clean and Pure, Aibawei, Yue Mei

Test indicator

Hygiene and safety requirements, grinding hair, single -silk bending recovery rate, woolen beam tensile, single -silk diameter, etc.

Dantebo adult toothbrushes, dental grocery children’s toothbrushes have burrs and other hidden dangers

Consumers are the most “deep troubles” of toothbrushes are gum bleeding during brushing, which is directly related to bristles. Generally speaking, bristles that are not treated with hair can cause gum bleeding.

According to the national standard, the top of the bristles should be used to remove the sharp corner, and there should be no burrs. The flat hair grinding rate should be greater than equal to 60%, and the grinding rate of the alien hair toothbrush should be greater than equal to 40%.

Because children’s mouth is more fragile, the two indicators of children’s toothbrushes are more stricter, and they require 70%(flat) and 50%(alien).

The results show,

Dantebo adult toothbrush, dental children’s toothbrush

None of the grinding hair meets the standard requirements.

Among them, Dantebo adult toothbrush grinding rate is only 8-9%, which is far lower than 70%of the standard reference value. There are many burrs on the top of the top of the bristles. , Oral surface, etc., cause damage.

The gap between the hair beam tensor is large

The hair tension project is mainly to detect the force value when the bristles are pulled out of the brush head. The combination of bristles and brush heads is tested. The stronger the tension, the better.

The results showed that of the 30 adult toothbrushes, Mao Beam has the largest tensile force of 40N and the smallest of 20N; of the 20 children’s toothbrushes, the largest tensile tension is 46N, the smallest is 15N, which is more than twice the difference.

The size of the hair tension represents the firmness of brushing hair installation. The hair beam is large, and the bristles are not easy to fall off; if the tensile force is small, the bristles are easy to fall off.

Is it necessary for children to use specialized children’s toothbrushes?

Because children’s oral cavity is in the stage of development, compared with the population environment is relatively fragile, even in national standards, children’s toothbrushes are more stringent than adult toothbrushes. Therefore, it is necessary for children to use special children’s toothbrushes.

Compared with adult toothbrushes, the brush head of children’s toothbrushes should be small and flexible in order to penetrate the mouth and clean each tooth surface. In addition, in order to prevent children from swallowing more toothpaste, the amount of toothpaste is usually suitable for a grain of peas, and the brushing of children’s toothbrushes is also narrow.

Therefore, the toothbrush of the child requires that the brush head is smaller and thinner.

Children’s toothbrushes are conducive to cultivating children from childhood to develop good brushing habits to achieve the purpose of preventing tooth decay.

Recommended recommendation

(1) Select a toothbrush with a high grinding rate. Unqualified products can cause wear and littering of the gums and enamel, damage oral health.

(2) Choose a soft toothbrush for children. Excessive bristles can easily damage the teeth and gums, and the length of the bristles should be appropriate.

(3) Although some merchants use the words “fine”, “slender”, “ultra -fine” as the selling point, according to the test, this publicity is not reliable, consumers can pay attention to the labeling of the indicator of the bristle diameter.

(4) It is recommended that consumers choose toothbrushes with moderate brush, moderate width, and non -slip design, which can make the grip more convenient and comfortable.

Data source: Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission

In May 2018, “Consumer Report” purchased 8 hot -selling electric toothbrushes, including

Philips, Ole B, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Su Shi, OCLEAN, Mingyuyin, Lceto

From 39.9 yuan to 559 yuan, the price range conducts comparative tests on brush heads, cleaning, noise, and battery life. Please read the full version of the test report:

8 electric toothbrush test reports: Licesting brush hair does not meet the standard, it is recommended for Philips and Ouile B

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