The last kind of diamonds that are more duties than actors, the last kind of naked eye is difficult to distinguish.

Xiaobian received a diamond pendant yesterday. It was sent by a friend to send it to the old. The diamond looked weird, so I used the diamond to test it. Gold is really 18K gold. It is still possible to change the new with the old. The stone is not worth it, and it can only be thrown away.

In this case, it is not the only deceived case. Today, the protagonist that I want to focus on introduces that the coffee position is not large, but it is very special, because it may be the first “gem” that everyone has, that is the rhinestone!

Shins and shiny drilling cards

Diamonds are often decorated on shoes

On mobile phone cases and nails, rhinestones are even more common

Seeing these pictures, do you feel familiar? Women naturally like BlingBling’s things, especially when they are young, although the rhinestone looks cheap now, it does satisfy our “primary fantasy” of jewelry.

Create a diamond -like feeling with cheap materials, this is the charm of the rhinestone. However, picking up its gorgeous coat …. The real body will disappoint, because most of the rhinestones are artificial.

But don’t look at it because it is an artificial product. The entire rhinestone family is still huge. Maybe you have bought one of them.

First, crystal or diamond?

Diamonds are a very general concept. Some people think that the rhinestone is glass or a vermiculite; some people think that the rhinestone is a broken diamond … In fact, these are not right.

Diamonds do not refer to a certain material, but a collective name for imitation diamond materials, also known as crystal diamonds, or Rhein Stone, which are specifically used in low -end jewelry.

If it is a diamond necklace, the price doesn’t dare to think, but the rhinestone necklace is very cheap

Why is it the name “Rhine Stone”? Because the global rhinestone manufacturing location is located on both sides of the Rhine! It is called Olympic Diamond on the North Shore and the Czech Diamond on the South Bank ~

Olympic diamond:

The north bank of the Rhine is strong and can absorb more sufficient sunshine, so Olympic diamond luster is very good. The full name of Olympic Diamond is “Austrian Swarovski rhinestone” … Yes, you guess right, that is the jewelry big name Swarovski:

The leading element is added to the Olympic diamond. The higher the content of the lead, the higher the refractive index, and it looks even brighter. Therefore, the famous Swarovski Crystal is actually not crystal, but it is artificially high lead glass.

However, Olympic diamonds are beautiful enough. If you don’t mind, you can buy it.

Czech Diamond:

The Rhine Henan Shore has weak sunshine, so the gloss is not as good as Olympic diamonds. However, there are more than the top than the bottom. Compared with other varieties, it is okay. The gloss can be stored for about 3 years.

Middle East and domestic rhinestones: Don’t buy it!

This kind of rhinestone is some manufacturers to cater to the market. Low -cost -made rhinestones are very low in quality. It looks cheap everywhere inlaid. Don’t buy it.

Have you found a rule? The “gem” with a national name in the name is usually cheap, such as the above -mentioned Czech diamonds, Olympic diamonds, and Korean jade, Indian jade in jade, and so on.

Next time you meet similar, everyone should pay more attention.

So how to distinguish rhinestones and diamonds?

The editor summarized three aspects, which is convenient for you to compare.

NO.1 Look at the hardness: Diamond> Clear Diamond

The hardness of diamonds is 10, which is the hardest variety in the gem world. Any gem must be gained in front of it; and rhinestones are just artificial crystal glass, and it is easy to scratch! It’s better to get better.

NO.2 Look at the cut surface: Diamonds> Robs

Generally speaking, the more the gems are cut, the more shining. The rhinestone basically has only 8 cut surfaces, and its back will also be plated with a layer of silver. By cutting the surface of the surface, it makes it bright;

And the diamond cutting surface is more, and dozens of cutting noodles on a small diamond are normal. In this regard, the rhinestone thinks that it is too tender than it, so it is easy to dripping easily in comparison Essence

NO.3 Look at the gloss: diamond rhinestone

Most gems are glass luster. Although rhinestones are not gem, they are artificial crystal glass after all, and the gloss is similar; diamonds are unique diamond luster. After all, people are “diamonds”!

So, in fact, rhinestones and diamonds are still very distinguished. In short, it may not be real diamonds that look exquisite, but those who look cheap must be real rhinestones!

So, since the rhinestone is a collective name for imitation diamond materials, is it the ranks of “rhinestones”?

Second, diamond stand -in

Many friends can’t distinguish vermiculite, cubic oxidation, and Mozang stone, thinking that they are all the same thing, they are all artificial products! This is the grievances and Mozani, but they are natural minerals.

NO.1 vermiculite

The vermiculite is the most common type of diamond substitute,

If you have visited the e -commerce jewelry store, in order to save the cost of display, the stubborn stones in the arrest display cabinet of these jewelry shops are vermiculite. It looks the same effect, but the cost of inventory is hundreds of times low, but it is just fine at all.

The vermiculite is an ancient natural mineral, also known as “British Stone”. At the same time, the Shi Shi is still the birthstone of December, which symbolizes success ….. such a low -key and beautiful gem can only be a diamond substitute. Xiaobian feels not worth it.

The color of the vermiculite is very rich, at this point, throw a few diamond streets. However, the vermiculite on the market has basically been optimized, and friends who mind this point must buy it carefully:

There is also a rumor on the Internet that vermiculite is radioactive and harmful to the human body. This is a rumor, don’t trust it!

Only the vermiculite with poor transparency (impossible to buy), because it contains very rarely “uranium” and “钍”, can a little bit of harm to the human body. And natural and high -quality vermiculite, there is no damage to the human body, please rest assured to wear it ~

So how to distinguish vermiculite and diamonds?

In addition to looking at the certificate, Xiaobian will teach you 2 simple small methods.

1. Shi Shi will twist the lines.

This is because of different light transmission. Diamonds will not see the line below, and the vermiculite will twist the lines:

2. There will be scratches on the surface of vermiculite

Essence Use 10 times large mirror to observe the external characteristics of the gemstone. The hardness of the vermiculite is not as good as the diamond, so it is easy to see the potholes scratches. These are all natural diamonds:

Diamond (left), vermiculite (right)

NO.2 Cube oxidation 2

Cube oxidation was artificial gemstone, which was first invented by the Soviets, so it was also called “Soviet Diamond”. This “gemstone” is perfect, with firecolies that are better than diamonds, hardness comparable to red sapphire, and clean crystals, but unfortunately. It is artificial!

In addition to the cubic oxidation, in addition to impersonating diamonds, it can also pretend to be red sapphire, tanzanite, etc.:

How do you look like a lotus ultrasound stick?

However, although it looks like, the physical nature cannot be deceived, so it is very simple to distinguish it and diamonds.

There are two main methods.

1. Cube oxidation is heavier. The density of cubic oxidation is almost twice the diamond. Therefore, at the same size, the cubic oxidation is almost twice heavier than the diamond.

2. Cube oxidation can see the lines. The refractive index of diamonds is high. Put the diamond on a piece of paper. If it is a diamond, you can’t see the line below, otherwise it will be imitation.



Mossan Stone is a mineral found from the Arizona meteorite pit. It looks exactly the same as the diamond. It is also a semi -gem of the physical characteristics closest to natural diamonds. It can be said to be “the strongest substitute”. In addition, Mozangstone does not belong to a rhinestone.

However, it is too rare for natural Mosani. At present, it is found that only the meteorite pit is found, and the color is mostly dark green and black.

So the artificial Mosan stone has risen again! Its fire color is stronger than diamonds and looks more flashed.

If you want to distinguish between the two, you can observe them under 10 times the large mirror. The artificial Mosan stone is a double refraction, and the diamond is a single refraction. Therefore, under the magnifying glass, the former can see the shadow.

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Diamonds are the king of gems, and there will be many substitutes. Even if you don’t want to buy rhils and stones, you can know it appropriately to prevent being deceived!

The above is the introduction and description of Arizona CRYSTAL pendant 925 sterling silver gemstone jewelry for women and girl bulk wholesale pendants, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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