It is said that diamonds are the best friends of women

But I think the little fat girl


It’s all a good friend of a woman!


Except those expensive jewelry

Many affordable light luxury brands

Also design

Even more youthful vitality

I will introduce a few today

I like it myself

Light luxury jewelry brand ~



APM Monaco is a jewelry brand from Monaco. The first two years are still niche, but recently have opened multiple counters and stores in Beijing and other places.

The most advantageous part of this brand is to design jewelry and high -level sense with cheap materials.

Gold, silver combined with vermiculite, crystal and other materials, simple and elegant, good texture.

The XL series jewelry of pearl and needle shape is the most well -known iconic design of this brand.

The little needle of the XL series is very interesting

MINI’s necklace or earrings are very different

The oversized bracelet is suitable for girls with strong aura ~

The comet element of the Meteorites series has a luxurious and elegant temperament. Many stars have performed:

Di Lierba’s Meteorites Star Earrings

“Wonder Woman” Gal Gado’s Meteorites Star Ring and Croisette Ring

Zhao Liying wore the Meteorites series and the latest ETE series “Red Show Grazia”

Although the stars are all sought after, the price of this brand is also very affordable. The same star of the stars is only around a thousand yuan, and finally there is no need to eat the soil …

In addition to gaining the favor of celebrities, there are countless fans on INS. The official website specially opened the INS section. You take the buyer’s show. I use it as a propaganda ~ I do n’t seem to be able to catch the fashion if I buy it!

Vita feede

Vita Fede is a young jewelry brand founded by Japanese American designer Cynthia Sakai in 2009. However, its iconic Titan arrow bracelet has repeatedly appeared in street shooting, and it has become the hottest jewelry brand in the world.

The most common is the Vita Fede Titan series. The simple and unique pointed design, like a double -headed nail, interpreted in different materials, has become a classic representative of the brand.

This is the little arrow of Bling Bling, you must have seen it in the street shooting.

When it appears, it must be in groups. That’s right, the popularity of stacking bracelets is also brought by it:

Of course, the new jewelry brand is indispensable for the blessing of the star halo:

Jessica Alba’s colorful titan bracelet

Tsai Yilin’s two -color crystal Titan bracelet

The same element is also used on the ring and necklace, and it is still simple and durable:

Do you ask the most fashionable method? Of course, it is stacked:

Two superpositions are very beautiful

It is not monotonous with the watch

Three or four are superimposed, you have already mastered the routine of fashion bloggers

Five or six or eight roots like this, um … I don’t think you are showing off your wealth … It’s fashionable to stack it.


Designer Delfina Delettrez founded a brand of the same name. As the fourth generation of the FENDI family, her talent on jewelry is estimated to be engraved in DNA.

In 2008, the 19 -year -old Delfina Delettrez published her first season jewelry in the old Paris buyer shop.

Her design is empty, combined with Gothic images and inspiration from animals and rocks.

The iconic eyes and red lips are fresh and interesting, full of childlikeness, and have become her unique style logo.

Big eyes, red lips and pearls, gems, and crystals appear on necklaces, earrings, and rings. The playful and interesting design style is loved by the fashion industry:

(See the watermark for the source of the picture)

Yubo Chiara Ferragni is probably true love, and wearing the photo many times:

Usually as a embellishment, it is actually very interesting, and it can also add fun to the shape ~ but it has not yet entered the Chinese market, and it is temporarily unable to buy it on the official website. You have to buy it.

Fancy CD

Fancy CD (Fan Sai Jewelry) is a brand from Britain, a British royal gem supplier, and has always used Victorian style as its most vivid style logo and design inspiration. But although it is a high -end jewelry, there are also priced jewelry series.

Usually everyone thinks that Fancy CD is like this:

But in fact, it also has this:

Fancy CD Fan Sai Jewelry Nutcracker series

And this:

Fancy CD Fan Sai Jewelry Crown Series

There is also this:

Fancy CD Fan Sai Jewelry Strarry Sky series

The Nutcracker Walnut Folder series, the Crown Crown Series, and the Starry Sky Starry Sky Series are relatively affordable jewelry series. At the same time, it is not childlike and humorous. This design is difficult to be welcomed by the girls:

The king, the queen, the soldiers, and the guards, full of childhood memories ~

Each one is so exquisite that people can’t help screaming ~~

Compared with the previous brands that take the fashion and simplicity route, the cheap series of this old British jewelry still retains the original gorgeous and delicate jewelry. Among so many brands, which one do you like best?

Anyway, I can’t help but want to chop my hands ~ (Can’t help holding my wallet tightly)

Fashion and fashion most fashionable

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