Summer has not arrived, but people’s hearts have long been restless with the slightly high temperature climate. In summer, the seaside is the most favorite place for everyone. The beach is like a stage where every beautiful MM shows charm. In addition to the bikini swimsuit, there is also a kind of clothing to make you a beautiful landscape in people’s eyes. That is the Wudmian style skirt, the light skirt is flowing with the sea breeze. Except for beautiful clothing, what is the fashion single fashion for you in summer? sandals! What are the hottest fashion elements this year? Passages.


Beginning in the spring of 2017, shoes of various strap elements have been listed. With the arrival of summer, various strap sandals have begun to appear. Why should you choose strap flat sandals in summer? The reasons are as follows: 1. Stand -up shoes can visually modify the leg lines to a certain extent, giving a slender sense of slenderness. 2. Stand -up flat shoes are very comfortable to wear. 3. Do not pick up clothing with strap shoes, and use formal clothes, leisure, skirts, pants.

The following editors will select several of the most popular flat sandals this year for everyone to let you turn this summer.


▲ Roman sandals of flat fish mouth

Two -color stitching or monochrome bilateral sandals and comfortable and breathable beef two -layer citrus film, coupled with non -slip and wear -resistant Oxford sole combination becomes a simple and monotonous, wearing fashion and comfortable. Walking in summer is not there. Afraid of sweating on the soles of the feet.


▲ Summer leather slopes and sandals


Use good non -slip beef tendons as soles, designed as the most comfortable sloping heel shape. The color rubbing skin is weaved out of Posmian elements inlaid inlaid with color diamonds like diamonds, plus tight rubber bands, and the style is dazzling and comfortable.

▲ New Roman puffing cake sandals

The touched bull two -layer cortex is cut into simple wide surface with cross -crossing, and the metal is firmly dotted with metals. The steady PU insole and polyurethane sole are combined into a fashionable girl. Swift cake shoes.

▲ Summer leather binding sandals

Choose the upper upper of the two layers of cow cows and draw on graffiti. The style is novel and stylish. The back of the shoe uses the front and rear straps, and more humanized porous metal pockets, which are controlled by you. The shoe -shaped sawtooth design not only increases friction and anti -slip resistance.

▲ Truman fish mouth sandals

Different from the large -scale side hollow design of other sandals, half -wrapped fish mouth style design, thin girls are more suitable. The front and rear hollow corresponding to each other, and the zip -closed design of the shoe help surface is even more unexpected. Polyurethane soles of the puffy cake shoe, more comfortable, non -slip and wear -resistant.


▲ Thick -heeled open -toe character sandals

One word sandals is the most fashionable classic and the most popular style of women. The elegant sheepskin matte gangs are not only fashionable and beautiful. The heel is closed with a word, and the shoe buckle adopts a metal hole with a pendant rhinestone.


▲ Summer thick -bottom loose cake sandals

The classic style of loose cake sandals seem to be the same as the traditional loose cake shoes. When you look closely, you will find different things. The colorful wiping upper, wearing a take -off and putting wrist stumbling band with the overall, complete but clear soles of the soles of the sole, it is comfortable and safe.

▲ Cross -strap Roman sandals

Choose insoles made of comfortable and breathable PU leather, and it seems to be a pair of unwanted -heels of Roman wind -bottomed straps with a pair of non -exposed heels. Fashion is complicated but simple and orderly.

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