A while ago, the hottest domestic drama was the “Name of the People”. When I was watching this drama, a camera also poked my pain point. It is said that Lu can also drive on the road with Lin Huahua. There is a laugh and laughter. The center console of the car places a solar conversion barrel, which is the glittering thing among the two. This thing once scared me a cold sweat.


I said that my dad also bought a switching tube 5 years ago. At that time, it was placed on the center console of my old Qijun, and the picture was safe. Once I drove myself, after the green light was on, the throttle was a little deeper. As a result, the transition of the meridian flew directly to the co -pilot seat! You know, my old Qijun’s CVT gearbox is still quite fleshy. Because the base of the transformer was insufficient at that time, the entire transformer tube was thrown into the co -driver’s seat.


I sighed with my hands, this thing is quite heavy. I was afraid of it at that time! After all, this thing is so heavy, and there is a sharp corner, in case of poking people is dangerous. So after I went home, I “invited” it to my piano, and then it never appeared in my car again. Is this Nima be safe? This is a time bomb! Intersection Intersection


Later, I carefully observed my friends around me and found that there were really a lot of cheating stuff on their car. I have counted some common dead artifacts, and you quickly see if you have a shot. (names not listed in order)


1. Lifthrous bullet -Che Taobao

Now, the functions of smartphones are super powerful, and they are almost omnipotent in life. So in order to allow you to use your mobile phone when you drive, some merchants invented the “car Treasure” that can fix the mobile phone on the steering wheel.

Is this product clearly a bullet that was built? You see that it is just on the steering wheel airbag. When a collision occurs, the airbag will bounce off at a speed of about 300km/h, which is a fight with the speed of the high -speed rail! You said that your phone jumps to your head at this speed, what is the difference between the gun?

On Taobao, this cheating thing has been removed

However, in JD, this thing is still selling! Don’t pay IQ taxes to black heart sellers!


2. Self -bullying -seat belt plug

In today’s car, the main driver and the co -pilot seats have seat belts that are not reminded. Some drivers do not like to tie the seat belt (the first hand is dead), and it is suspected that the sound is too disturbing, so I plug in the seat belt plug plug plug. , Turn off the prompt sound.

Without a seat belt, serious collisions occur when a car accident, or even flying out of the car. If the explosive airbags are hit, it should almost see Marx.


At the time, the engineer invented the seat belt and saved countless lives, so that the driving seat belt has become a legal requirement. With so many lessons of lessons, they can’t wake up the safety awareness of some people, and they always take their convenience as the only criterion.

3. It is difficult to protect itself -Maitreya Buddha (including all ornaments and pendants)

To be honest, the quality of these crafts is really good, but it is not placed in the right place. It makes sense, like the transposition tube I said at the beginning, these things may hurt people when they brake or collide.

It is not difficult to see from the picture that thousands of buyers have paid IQ tax.


The most amazing thing is that in the “product function” column, “Bao Ping An”! Chairman Mao said that there are no saviors in the world and no emperor. Real safety comes from its own safety awareness, not to be blessed by “mysterious power”.

Jin Yuanbao: Lei Dang, I am exaggerated, right?

In addition, some people always like to hang a small pendant on the reflective mirror. If you block your eyes, you will be prone to a car accident in case you fall.


I said, my elder brother.

The stickers on the rear window, except for blocking their own sight, have no eggs.


No one cares about where you have been. If you really yearn for a place, you may wish to mark it in the travel list instead of marking on the tail window.


4. Ugly and slippery -steering wheel sleeve

In winter, the steering wheel will be a little cold when you get in the car, so some drivers will bread a hairy suit on the steering wheel. The flavor of the strong funeral love family can smell across the screen.

These sleeves not only increase the radius of the steering wheel, making some small female drivers more difficult to hold, and it is also very slippery! When you are in danger, you can give your feeding strength, but you find that the steering wheel “does not listen to the call”, it is estimated that you want to die.


By the way, the seat sleeve is also the same as the steering wheel cover. The angle, structure, and material that the manufacturers carefully designed were destroyed by such a seat cover.

The seat cover will cause insufficient friction between the body and the seat. When the collision occurs, the hips will slide forward. At this time, the seat belt will cause damage to the abdomen, and the shoulder strap does not play a fixed role in the stronger chest and shoulders, and the body and the airbag will not have good contact.


Therefore, when the seats that have been rigorous and scientific verification are destroyed by a suit directly, the engineer should have 10,000 mothers in the heart to speak.

5. Fragrance Burn -Perfume

Some drivers like to put a bottle of perfume on the center console, not to mention the danger of falling in this thing. The perfume itself is risked by spontaneous combustion in summer.


Because the perfume contains about 80%of alcohol, these alcohols were originally helping the fragrance spread quickly. But the transparent glass bottle is a mini convex mirror. When I was young, everyone burned ants with a magnifying glass? The reason is to burn ants. After the exposure, the perfume on the center console may be self -ignited in the car. Therefore, I said that it was burning in aroma and no exaggeration at all.


In addition to perfumes, the lighter should not be placed on the center console. The stuff is also a bad temper.


Another thing cannot be placed on the central control, that is soda. It seems that human and animals are harmless, and it is also a hidden danger. One of my colleagues, I forgot to hear Cola on the center console. When he came back, he found that the front windshield had passed a layer of sticky cola. The car is hot and sticky, and the glass is also rubbed, adding too much trouble and risk out of thin air.

Nowadays, many unscrupulous merchants have worked hard to make money. Some seem to bring something that can bring you convenience, and maybe it will ask for your life! If you have these things I mentioned in your car, hurry up and throw them all.

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