Recently, the 2019 autumn and winter Milan fashion week of the world’s top brands and fashion conventions is open, and the Chinese service is beautiful. There is a new small flower landscape porcelain called “North Shadow Most Beautiful School Flower”, because of the different exotic style.

During the Milan Fashion Week, he was keen to share the top fashion new media “of the star Chao” and the official invitation of the brand.

On the same day, the scene porcelain is unforgettable, and the deep eyes and stereo facial features are unforgettable, pure and charming have been perfectly bonded in her.

The scenery of the scenery, the lavender printed long skirt is showcase, and the unique temperament is demonstrated. The skirt is unfortunately released, so that the scene porcelain looks full, and the smart is very unparalleled.

The neckline of the long skirt is quite intellectual. The skirt of the ankle adds a bit of gentle, and the scenery of the scenery is very careful, and the exquisite handbag and white tall heels are even more literary fan. Lady temperament. The wrinkle design of the delicate skirt and the cuffs of the seven-point length, also highlights the bright body of the panoramic pure skin and bee waist.

During the Milan Fashion Week, the scenery is also invited to unveiled the famous Chinese independent designer brand.

Cute hair, beautiful makeup and diamond ring, so that the exquisite faces of the scene porcelain and the fantasy red lips are impressive, and the exotic features of the foreign domain show the beauty of internationalization. The tight pink Top is mixed with a pleated skirt, and the good body has a good body in the brightened body, and the hierarchical clothing and the collision of the hue are full of trend.

Many netizens have favored the scenes of the bright Milan fashion week, praise her “temperament, smile is very affinity”, “very good body, modeling is very advanced”, “five sense stereo, have foreign beauty”.

The views of the boom have a voyage full of “first love face”, which is a “first love girlfriend” in many otaku dreams. Her exotic style comes from her unique experience. She is a mixed-race.

It is understood that the scene porcelain is currently attending the performance department of Beijing Film Academy. When she released a living photo on social platform, she received the attention of netizens and quickly spread. This time, this time, the scenery of Milan fashion week, and once again, the superior lens expression and identification are concerned, and the future development cannot be underestimated.

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