If you have always seen such cute things at first glance, there is no doubt that it is only decorated. In fact, it is not only flattering, but also a mini desktop vacuum cleaner. So what is a desktop vacuum cleaner? Today’s finger housekeeper will accompany you to master what desktop vacuum cleaner.

Desktop vacuum cleaner

Desktop vacuum cleaner -product characteristics

1. Wide application field: easy to remove the office desktop, furniture surface layer, family operation peripherals, computer computer keyboards, car seat cushions, etc.

2. Powerful suction power: Apply the improvement design of the two -section 5 battery, a small turbocharged straight inhalation design with a strong magnet 9700 rpm, small ash, cake crumbs, rubber residue, hair shreds, etc. There are none of the crushed paper, soil material stone, etc.

3. Fashionable trend beautiful and generous: long -term placed on the desktop, refreshing heart! It completely solved the embarrassment of the towel “the desktop falls into the ground, clean the surface, washed the river” and so on;

4. Eliminate convenience: Just press the back cover gently and pour into the trash can at a time, which completely prevents the hidden dangers caused by the dust caused by the dust from the surrounding environment around the desktop;

5. Solid quality: Not only the raw materials, but the fan blades and motors all adopt the rotor dynamic balance testing standard testing the original factory after the manufacturing and diagnosis and treatment equipment.

6. Models of practical new gifts, new brand image given to the pretty gifts of affection!


Desktop vacuum cleaner -common problems with application

1. Display the top cover of the vacuum cleaner in the opposite direction.

2. Put two batteries 5 and cover it clockwise.

3. The key to run on one side can be applied.

4. The main body of the vacuum cleaner in one hand, put it stably on the required desktop, cabinet counter, computer keyboard, sofa, or sitting position, and move back and forth to clean.

5. If it is slightly stronger and moves round trips, it can remove the sticky attachment, and the dust removal effect is better.


6. Press the “PUSH” key from the back, open the base, remove the crumb box, and eliminate dirt.

Desktop vacuum cleaner -strong recommendation

At present, the hot desktop vacuum cleaner brands on the market are about 100 million yuan, Philips, Panasonic, powerful, Fei Shi, Lechai, Galeni, Tianer. It is proposed that everyone buys the current reliable brand on the market, which not only ensures quality but also ensure safety.

That’s such a cute cartoon design desktop vacuum cleaner, and the size can be grasped with only one hand. It really takes into account the beauty and generosity. Driving force!

Is it true that can sterilize and disinfect the vacuum cleaner? The vacuum cleaner is the only vacuum cleaner that can truly sterilize at this stage.

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