Another year of “Golden Three Silver Four”, a large wave of new people in the workplace is about to set foot in society.

In the past two days, all our private messages are “how to wear more mature”, “How can we fade your student qi”, “What should I wear interviews”.

Ms. J has been a professional manager for 6 years, the owner of the 6 -year image company, and interviewed a lot of newcomers. Today, I have some “nanny -level” workplace dry goods. I will tell you at a time. How can I wear it in the workplace? What are the “hidden rules” in the workplace?

Hidden rules 1: Newcomers should not have a sense of occupation when the ability is not matched


Many newcomers who are new to the society will directly match the dress with the workplace, and wear a whole set of professional clothes to work.


Remind all newcomers in the workplace: Unless the company requires, do not wear suit or suit.

The suit, professional shirts, and very strong trench coats have strong career aura. The childishness of the newcomers is unbelievable, and the professional dress and students will have a strong contrast, but they will appear hard.

Even if you are very mature, you are quite harmonious after wearing these clothes, but this image will leave too high impression standards for others and reduce the fault tolerance to you.

What is fault tolerance? Big vernacular, he’s tolerance for your mistakes. If you are a leader, you have such two girls, who can make mistakes by you.

I believe that most people will not choose 2. If you wear it particularly formal, your leaders may feel that you can carry things now, and he will not allow you to make mistakes in the subconscious.

Young people who have just entered the workplace can show your work very positive and career, but at the same time, you must make good use of anger. In this way, even if you make some mistakes, it will make the leader feel that you are young, which is normal.

Based on this feature, there are some professional attitudes when choosing clothes, but not too capable and strong.

To choose the relatively stiff style of the large straight line, you can choose the half -body umbrella skirt with a loose shirt:

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Straight casual pants, relatively concise jeans with loose shirts, shirts can have some patterns, and some small designs can reflect the youthful vitality without losing a sense of capable.

in conclusion:

This idea is to choose a base with professional elements, and then add the age -reducing ingredients to weaken the sense of career, and find the intermediate state where students and professional workplace are found.

Hidden rules 2: Don’t jump out of the corporate atmosphere in the workplace

No matter what type of company joined the company, no matter what type of company, when you first appear, you must maintain harmlessness. There is no aggressiveness. Don’t be too eye -catching.

After debut, you can observe the wearing of colleagues, anchoring the more popular colleagues in a team.

Be sure to find it in your team, because each team has its own different styles.

Sales public relations in a company, the difference between internal research and development, finance, etc., is very different, and the value is not high.

Finding your team is close to his dress style, which can help you integrate into the collective faster.

When you integrate into the team, you can make slightly higher high -rise in the future, make makeup more refined, increase earrings small accessories, improve the quality of clothing, and wear loose and casual suit, which will help you to compete harmlessly.


Of course, you cannot consider wearing. The most important thing is the improvement of business level. The image follows the improvement of the ability to improve better and better. In the case of insufficient ability, the image should not make too much change.


Umails III, the image of the workplace is not constant, it is necessary to treat it as a language for real -time adjustment

After the work is stable, your workplace image can be mainly simple and generous, and then make some small adjustments according to different stages.

If there is a handsome guy next door, you may need to change from “career considerations” to “finding object considerations” and wear some more feminine clothing.


Assuming that the work pressure has been faced recently, and applied to the leader to reduce the workload, then who are the two image leaders who are more likely to understand?

Is B looking more like a hammer of life?

To express your stress, you need to wear a little bit, and you can sink a little bit, allowing the leader to perceive your image language first, and then better.

If you say that the work pressure is very stressful, but you are still bright every day, and your mental state is very good. What will the leader think? What is this employee escape?

So be sure to remember. The workplace needs to serve your workplace purposes. Don’t simply be equivalent to your clothes.

Hidden rules 4: The interview must be exerted


Talking about the interview, if it is a career that pays more attention to, understanding the style of the company before the interview will help improve the success rate of the interview.

Search for photos of corporate activities on corporate official website and social media, and find their overall dressing style.

If you are a company that pays attention to innovation, you can have one or two highlights in dressing, adding some simple accessories, and the details make people shine.

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If it is a social work that requires social work and public relations categories, you can add a little brightness in daily color, and it looks more positive and externally.

The most important thing is to keep your eyes bright, full of spirit, and positive desire. This is a trump card that is more important than clothing. Finally, I wish all newcomers in the workplace to show their great drawings.

Self -Optical Student Authorized Publishing


Self -Optical Student Authorized Publishing

Self -Optical Student Authorized Publishing

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