“Ravenfield” is a funny first -person shooting game, but its gameplay is extremely high. It is still in the first stage of the experience version. Here is a brief introduction to the vehicles in the game.


Air force

1. Helicopter

There are two seats that can drive and control the rocket (16 rounds) of the driving position. The machine gun position can only control the machine gun (40 rounds). For novices, helicopters are more difficult to control, but after being skilled, it is found that the helicopter is better than a fighter for the bombing ground target.

2. Plane (Plane)


The prototype is the British Westland Flying Dragon Shipping Fighter. There is only one seat, which can launch machine guns (48 rounds) and rockets (6). Once taking off, landing is extremely difficult. For novices, fighters are easier to operate than helicopters, but it is more difficult to attack ground targets.

3. Bomber (bomber)

There are two seats. The driving position can drive and control the machine gun (50 rounds) and bomb (8 rounds). The machine gun position can only control the air defense machine gun (100 rounds).


4. Blackbird transport aircraft (Blackbird)


There are seven seat drivers without attack power. One fire magic cannon and four seats on the left and right (no attack power)


Water army

1. Land in the land (RHIB)

You can sit at most 5 people. Once you rush ashore, you cannot return. You can only wait for the automatic scrap or artificially destroy it before you can use it for others.




There are two seats that can drive and control the four consecutive mortars (16 rounds), and the artillery position can only control the artillery (20 rounds) in front of the gunboat.


1. Tank

There are two seats that can drive tanks and control artillery. The machine gun position can only control the machine gun (40 rounds). One tank requires three shells to destroy another tank. Tanks are the best tools for the enemy camp. But you need to be careful of the enemy’s enemy forces. It is worth noting that this tank has only 3 pairs of negative wheels.

2. Motorcycle (quad)

You can sit at most two people. The speed is fast and the size is small, so it is easy to enter the enemy camp.

3. Machine gun Jeep (MG JEEP)

You can take a maximum of 3 people, and the people behind operate the machine gun.

4. Jeep car (Jeep)

You can sit at most 4 people, faster speed


5. Georrons (MG)


It can shoot indefinitely without the fever of the barrel, but if the rate of fire is too fast, the barrel will be hot soon, and it needs to be used to be used after cooling. What needs to be careful is that you will hurt yourself if you start fire at close range.

6. Air defense gun (AA)


Mainly used for air defense, 30 rounds of shells.

7. Tao’s anti -tank gun (Tow)


After the launch, it will be launched to the quasi -star. You can use the mouse to operate the cannonball operation. After a certain distance, automatically explode and leave the control.

8. Armor armored carrier (APC)

There are four people, and the main cannon has a 30mm machine gun (12 rounds). It can be sprayed with a smoke bomb. The distance can be ranging. Fast running, thick armor. Suitable for occupying points.

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