It is a kind of gene in a beautiful, it is beautiful.

Beautifully lived, is the most important thing to do every woman’s life.

Wooden heart says:

“Wearing is paying attention to yourself.


Shirt, as the most petty of spring trendy girl,


Not only pure white, elegant green and girl powder is enough,

More and more appearances of shirts with design and fashion sensation,

It is also a test and change of the fashion and beauty of love beauty girls.

For example, fluffy retro bubble sleeves, exquisiteness of embroidery, with streamed women’s flaw shirt, etc., are giving women more beautiful attempts.

So you love you, then 2021 spring, how do you want to fashion, how to wear it,


Be sure to choose a shirt that suits you, let yourself dress up in this spring, enjoy it.


Machining method of simple shirt:

Everyone is different from the concept and desire of beauty,

Some people think that the fashion of a shirt is beautiful, some people think that it is beautiful,

In any case, we have the best to wear our own unique beauty according to your preferences and requirements, which is the best.


Just like the wearing a pretty fashion feeling in the model, choose a casual long shirt, the choice of the inner shouts and short skirts are mainly matched.

The model selection direct loose shirt with black shorts, the whole set of true features both the high-level feelings and steady, the two colors, the feeling of a big woman, and the pretty fan of the little girl The model is also used to use loose long, short-term-fitting, and there is a fashion-wearing episode for fashionable lower disappearance.

Shen Mengchen’s weaner seems to be similar to the model. It is a loose casual shirt that chooses phosphor, but Shen Mengchen is in a jacket shirt, it is superimposed, and the most basic colorful black and white match is selected, white T + black shorts, disappearance missing, long legs, the whole match Simple atmosphere and eye-catching, fashion is pretty and old, so this shirt belongs to the wearing method of loose large shirt.

Want to wear a big woman’s gas field and temperament, learn to learn from and learn from these.

High children with the gas field, you can choose this large shirt to match, with handsome pants, you can wear the handsome and intellectuality of the big woman.


There is a big woman’s breath, but it seems to be a high-quality senior feature wear, which is less color, but in the details, it demonstrates the senior and exquisite models that belong to women. A white shirt and white trousers are mixed with a blue sweater to embellish with a blue sweater, and a woman will make a woman a casual and embellishment, let the wear more level and temperament.


Loose comfortable large shirt and wide-legged jeans is a model of the atmosphere woman.

When the above loose is loose, the person who is easy to demonstrate is unopened, so the most fashionable wear, is the big shirt plug or the front plug, so that the overall matching has both waistline show, there is still a short The post-long fashion matching concept, the true individual is also the beautiful temperament and fashionable feelings.

More designed shirts, it is really a model of big women dressing, which can support the wearing of the entire clothing, and present the gas field and aesthetics given to the clothes.


Perspective shirts belong to a fashion trend in the spring and summer of 2021, with an invisible sexy and women’s flavor, and there is a fashion and trendy atmosphere. So the black perspective and jeans wear, but also presents a big woman’s gas field and fashion beauty.

Still loose big woman striped shirt with a west pants are really beautiful, and there is a gas field. And a blue shawl and silk scarf embellishment, immediately let the whole match with a woman’s love, so such a woman is really beautiful, and there is a temperament and taste.

Shirt with a woman’s temperament wearing:


This shirt is in the case of all kinds of temperament skirts or pants that are in the face, and they are a woman’s gentle temperament.


White suite collar shirts and peacock blue skirts are taking, and the whole with simple exquisite and sweet girls.


Or use other color shirts and dressing with a color of a color, there is a little woman’s breath and fashion beauty.

It is also a woman’s flavor and obvious way of walking. It is lace shirt, lace detail, bubble sleeve shirt, belt shirt, it is really a romantic, the more exaggerated, the more women, the more women, and the beautiful beauty.

This year’s shirt, the lotus leaf is not flying, and the wings of the designer invisible are to make every woman romantic.


Various retro bubble sleeves or wrinkles are to increase romances belonging to women but retro.

Lace or perspective is to make women’s wear more fashionable and more beautiful. Spring breath and fashion beauty.

In short, I hope that each woman’s learn is soft, delicate and light,


In the spring of love, wearing a dazzling shirt, blooming more beautiful,


May everyone can brave their own, love yourself.

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